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ISD 33 – Indus Sign Lexicon

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33. The Indus Sign Lexicon

The Indus Sign Lexicon is a list of Indus theme signs and their conjugate symbols (as observed in the Indus seal texts) interpreted in the Jain way. They show similarity with the inscriptions seen on the Jina images and Jain themes presented in the catalog seal picture texts. The signs are also confirmed by the Jain scriptural texts. To understand the language of the interpretations one may require some effort for reading and understanding the logic of the Jain metaphysics, because it is very different from that belief of many followers of the other religions. The theses of this approach may at first not be acceptable to them because of a lack of education concerning the Jain background.

For the complete Indus Sign Lexicon containing 430 single signs and 108 conjugate signs:



Indus Sign Lexicon

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Foreign terms can be found explained in the ISD Kosh: