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Yakṣa (Yaksha)

Protective celestial, attending a Jina idol, or protecting a field or locality where holy objects or buildings are present. Some yakṣas can have a bad character. There is a story of a yakṣa who fell in love with a human princess, Candana (Chandana), when she was strolling in the garden. He appeared and expressed his feelings to her. When she refused he kidnapped her, but his yakṣī followed him, and when he noticed that he ran away from Candana leaving her alone, and was taken over by a group of bandits. They sold her to a rich man, and through him she came in contact with Mahāvīra, who saved her. She was his own aunt, but they did not know each other.



Vows taken and to be observed until death in this very life.



Geometrical picture containing spiritual information.



Conduct, literally ‘as is known.’ – according to the specific level of spirituality.



Attentive person, concentrating attention in the mundane sense only.