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One rajju or rajlok is the distance covered by a god flying for six months at the rate of 2,057,152 yojanas (length measure of about 13 – 16 km) every samaya. (That means approximately. 2,047,540,985,856,000 kilometers or 216.5 light-years in a time shorter than an eye wink- According to one entry in Wikipedia).


Rāmāyana see Padma Purāṇa

The Rāmāyana is the great Hindu epic written by Valmikī, about the avatara Rāma and his war and conquest on the demon king of Lanka, named Ravana. The Jains claim that the Hindu version is derived from an earlier Jain version in the Padma Purāṇa.



The trident of three jewels: Samyak darśana, samyak jñāna and samyak cāritra – right view, right knowledge and right conduct. It is the ornament of the ascetic.


Ratnatrayi daśa dharma see Daśa dharma, observed by sages all their life-time.


Ṛṣabha (Rishabha or Rishabhdeo)

The first Tīrthaṅkara in the present avasarpiṇī.