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Thought color. There are six shades of mentality: 1) black: angry mentality; 2) Blue lesser shade of anger; 3) a little lighter (ash or pigeon color), the color for the dur dhyānas (bad or evil thoughts/ meditations, belonging to those abiding in the second and third stages of the spiritual ladder’s) 4) rose color religious and affinity ; 5) yellow religious 6) white: total purity of character.


Liberator: (must be self-liberator)



Sign; male gender organ. Also that which causes the knowledge of hidden objects (Susā)



Loka, our Universe, contains numerous solar systems, and its space is called lokākāśa. Lokākāśa is divided into three parts: The Upper World (Ūrdhva loka) – in which the heavens are situated and heavenly beings., The Middle World (Madhyaloka) in which all visible (and also the tiniest invisible) life forms are living, including ourselves during physical embodiments and the Lower World (Adho loka) where all beings of a lower nature, sinners who lived earlier in Madhya loka or physical incarnation, undergo suffering. The liberated beings or Siddhas live above the highest heaven in a ‘location’ at the very top of Loka (the Siddha-śila), that means even they are still within loka, even though they have no concern with the mundane world and can not return there. Loka is thought to be surrounded by aloka – ‘not-universe’, where no other components of nature apart from space and time (are known to) exist.


Lokākāśa (Lokakasha) The space within loka, our Universe in all its aspects. To be distinguished from Alokākāśa, the space outside loka



Temporary whirl made by the soul throughout the whole universe during samudghat just before reaching nirwāṇa.