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Fourth category of Jain ascetics. He is supposed to know all Jain Āgamas, the Aṅgas and the fourteen Pūrvas. These are his twenty five attributes. He is responsible for the ‘academic activities’ in the saṅgha and for his own self. He preaches and teaches monks and nuns. He is compared to a lieutenant and minister to the Ācārya or Head of the saṅgha.



The Hindu scriptures which form the last part of each of the Hindu Vedas and are the essential philosophical conclusions of the Vedas.



Instantaneous rise, as the birth of a celestial and infernal beings, transmigration. Upapād is the seat to which the soul goes and in which it is born [the etheric body]. It is the particular name of the birth of eternal and celestial beings (Susā).



Instantaneous birth (as of celestials and infernal beings (Susā).


Upaṣamik (Upashanik) Karma

Those karmas attached to the soul which have been sedimented or subsided, but not destroyed, but have undergone precipitation (upaṣama) in the mental state of the individual soul.



Upgoing half circle, from the time period of utter suffering towards the time period of utter bliss. See also Avasarpiṇī. As the universe is without beginning or end, there have been infinite utsarpiṇīs and avasarpiṇīs in the past as will there be in the future. In each half circle or cycle 24 tīrthaṅkaras are born among humankind.