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32. How old are these Indus texts?

The Indus texts are found in three strata of time, ranging from 1500 BCE to 5000 BCE, but to what age they refer is evident from a coin-size seal found by S.K. Mitra and Heinz Mode. On enlargement it reveals wonderful information matching Jain scriptural information. The seal has three features: 1. The edge background; 2. The central temple with garbhagriha; and 3. The petal like loops in between.


The central triple peaks represent the temple, and the dotted square below it is its garbhagriha which holds 21 dots for deities which can be worshiped; and at the end of the garbhagriha we see three streaks. If taken in jain way this means the seal displays the time to be the period influenced by the 21st jina or Tirthankar, Naminath, who lived far earlier than Krishna, but later than Rama. Yet no scene of the Ramayana is shown in the seal texts.

The outer design also varies in its outlook, the right half being granular, perhaps indicating the samaya (“time granules”) and the other half consisting of perpendicular rods. Their loops also differ in number. On the right side we see four loops while in the left they are three loops only, suggesting that the dots are related to the Tirthankara belt only – i.e. The 3rd and 4th time phases. It also confirms the relation of Indus Indus with Jain belief since the period of Naminath, which occurred before the Vedas were written.

Several Indus texts show this phenomenon, looking as if it were taken from Jain scriptures, long back destroyed and rewritten between the 3rd century BCE and the (9th century CE through five assemblies (one by the original tradition group ascetics and four by the new moderate group of Jain ascetics.)

As a snake (worm)                                                                 As a rope on a pulley



As a double loop                                                                                              As a single loop


As a sand clock   Nieuwe afbeelding (6)                            Nieuwe afbeelding (8)  As a time cycle



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