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Indus Script Deciphered 01 Puja

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Points of cultural continuity:

1. Puja

In daily Jain puja, ritually some of these symbols are drawn by the Jain householders intentionally, and ritually, while they know their defined, highly ethical meanings very well

01 1 jpg

01 3 jpg  Siddhas or pure souls residing on Siddha Shila, but ratnatraya is the prerequisite.

01 4 jpg  Four anuyogas (the scriptures of Jainism).

01 10 jpg   or  01 5 jpg  The swastika or the cross denoting four mundane quarters where the soul can wander, with its central point from which one takes salvation, making five, or pancham gati.

 01 6 jpg   Siddha

01 7 jpg  Panch parameshthis

01 8 jpg    Rantatraya


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