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The Voice of the Silence – Glossary – W

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The Voice of the Silence

<The Voice of the Silence



Wheel of Life – B.

See Bhavachakra

Wheel of Time.

See Kālachakra, Time’s Circle [Fragment 2]

World-Soul – Th. [Fragment 3]

In Latin: Anima Mundi. It is the Ālaya of the northern Buddhists. It is said that each human soul is born by “detaching itself from the Anima Mundi,” which esoterically means that our higher Ego is fundamentally of the same nature as this divine essence appearing in its transcendence, as a radiation of the eternally unknowable Absolute (T.G.). Cf. S.D. I, 571, where the loftiest aspect of Anima Mundi is identified with the second Logos or Vajrasattva.