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Alphabetic Glossary on The Voice of the Silence

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Alphabetic Glossary to The Voice of the Silence 1

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Introduction to the GLOSSARY

In this glossary most of the words appearing in The Voice of the Silence have been taken up because their meanings ask for more explanation, for some words belong to a specialized Eastern vocabulary while others refer to idiomatic expressions in Theosophy. The definitions and explanations given are not exhaustive, but give only indications, because a deeper understanding of the text would not only demand a command of the Buddhist Canon, but also at least some knowledge about the theosophical distinction between the inner man and his ultimate spiritual goal.

The following indications for each entry are given:

The explained word: if of Eastern origin, the word is spelled according to the generally accepted spelling used, close to the usual pronunciation. For Chinese words, written according to the Wade-Romanization, the modern form (Pin-Yin) has been added between brackets. Also for the Tibetan words the transliteration of the original term [between square brackets] is given behind the normal manner of writing if deviating.

Its source, (abbreviated): Sanskrit (Sk.), Pāli, Chinese (Ch.), Tibetan (Tib.), Japanese (Jap.).

Its particular field of use: Hinduism (H.), Buddhism (B.), Theosophy (Th.).

The bullets ()in the text behind a word refer to entries in this Glossary. The further information between square brackets behind the entrances refers first to the original notes by H.P.B., and to the Fragment(s) in which the term occurs.

1) Quoted works and abbreviations used:

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Detailed Table of Contents:

  1. Original: UN GLOSSAIRE (Textes Théosofiques, Paris, 1991);  Dutch translation: GLOSSARIUM (Geünieerde Loge van Theosofen, Antwerpen, Belgien, 2005);  Online Publications 2012: Englische Übersetzung: GLOSSARY; Deutsche Übersetzung: GLOSSAR []