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Editorial 10

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Nucleus of Brotherhood

The Theosophical Society was founded more than a century and a third ago with as one of its objects to form an active nucleus of brotherhood among humankind of unbiased, independent and unselfish workers for the benefit of all men. Theosophy is a extremely rich source of information and can be understood on many different levels. It is therefore in no way to be expected that Theosophists would a priori agree with each other on anything else than the very principle of Theosophy, which is Brotherhood. The original Theosophical society was one organization, but soon split into a manifold offspring of organizations, each with its own character and emphases. Viewpoint and approaches may differ, but Brotherhood stands above all differences. It is therefore not theosophical to slander any organization or individual which or who plays a part in the organism of Theosophy. There is nobody who can know what is the function of even deemed adversaries within the movement. In the contrary, theosophists should always support each other in their efforts, however great differences of views may be. They are not allowed to criticize each other in any malignant way. This is a fundamental rule of prescribed behavior formulated from the beginning in the Esoteric Instructions of H.P. Blavatsky. A Theosophists always and at all circumstances carries this fact of Brotherhood in his or her heart, though individual minds may shout out the contrary. None of us is omniscient and all-compassionate – no human being is. All people have qualities as well as imperfections, and must of necessity carry these with them. Everyone is polishing his or her own stone, as Freemasons express it. And of course the better they succeed in this, the better their service for the Brotherhood of all humankind and all life. Theosophists really form a nucleus of Brotherhood, and have a task to fulfill for the present as well as the future world. This is the viewpoint of Daily Theosophy and I believe all Theosophists.

The first task of the Theosophical Movement is not to feed humanity with interesting facts and information, nor to give ready-made solutions for the world’s and the individual’s problems or polished and scientifically irrefutable theories. This indeed would hamper all growth and freedom of human evolution. What is of uttermost importance is to develop one’s intuition, i.e. one’s spiritual inner recognition of what is true and noble. True intuition is reflected in the higher part of the mind, and will be the characteristic of ‘Races’ to come. With ‘Races’ are meant, not skin colors or original inhabitants of particular geological continents, but evolutionary phases of the developing human mind.

There is no separation between Theosophy on the one hand and science, philosophy or religion on the other. Theosophy does not stand above any of these, but tries to forge the best out of them, sometimes by criticizing, sometimes by hints, always pointing to the more spiritual and universal side of phenomena from which these phenomena are the physical manifestation – which activity of course brings to the surface the dross also. Especially for this last reason, Theosophy and theosophists are not much loved in the world at large, and is often hardly or not at all taken serious, if not fiercely opposed, by the exponents of established science, religion and philosophy. But Theosophists regard all of them as cooperators in the human effort or evolution, and thus as friends. All of us strive upwards to become more accomplished, more perfect humans, ever and ever, without limit in time. The Theosophical movement or any of its branches are no sects. The modern Theosophical movement is not a ‘new religion’ next to existing ones, and Theosophy as such has always existed. The existing religions – now often reduced to mere belief systems, were also efforts, according to their time and region, of the cosmic and planetary Saṅgha (‘order’) of Compassion, and have greatly helped humanity and can still continue to do so. We just have to see the beauty and the hidden depths within them. Theosophy has always existed, that is, as long as men can think as well as understand. More and more people – as seen over the centuries to come – will become Theosophists, even though they may never have heard the term or when outer organizations may have died out. It belongs to the destiny of humanity.

Every positive effort brings its shadow along with it, as long as that effort can not succeed in unifying the human souls it works for with the heart of the Light itself. Progress leads necessarily to opposition. There are ‘forces’ opposing every progress, working in firm belief that the old and established is better and safer than the new. From there own point of view they are completely right, but they tend to lag behind in evolution. Some have called such (apparently) opposing forces ‘black,’ or their representatives black magicians (and truly they exist) and themselves ‘white.’ Who judges? Distinction is not born from dogma or outer phenomena. It is not at all acquired on authority. It is born from buddhi – spiritual intuition – which transcends the discursive mind. Remember that the Buddha said of his mortal enemy, Devadatta, his opponent in life after life, that he too would ultimately reach enlightenment; the Buddhas sympathy thus included Devadatta as much as any other living being. Absolute black and white do not exist in esoteric or occult philosophy. As soon as you ride a bicycle, you have the wind against you. In the last case it creates muscle and stamina, in the first case spiritual distinction between and also stamina. Opposition gives us the strength we need – but beware of pointing out who the opposition is! – maybe it is yourself – at least relatively. The battle between white and black takes place within, not in the outer world. Still, karmically particular groups of souls, mutually connected with one side of the game, may stand opposite other groups in which souls who are more attracted to the future destinies of humankind. Thus true outer wars are fought, wars of karmic necessity. These wars are different from wars merely instigated by greed, jealousy or hunger for power. This latter type of wars are evil against evil, and the result is but suffering and more wars. But the true wars of humanity find there root in the Law of Cycles and of Progress, and need not necessarily be fought out physically. Brotherhood includes naughty brothers and sisters, not only the meek and obedient ones, and who knows who ultimately may stand out shining?

Daily Theosophy is no party. Naturally the editors have their own feelings and likings, and that can be naught else than reflected in the choices they make. But respect for all Brotherhood is our basis.