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Editorial 3

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 Adi & Praja

An Occult Fantasy Containing Truths, written for all ages, but most understandable for young people

“There was a boy whose name was Adventure Boy. He was seven years old – even though it seemed that he had just been born. There was also a girl, and her name was Praja. She was also seven years old. Actually, both had been born only a very short time ago. On a day, they were suddenly there, and they themselves did not know how. Adi – as Praja called him, because she found his real name far too long (and too difficult) did not know whether Praja came from the same family as he or just any family, because they had no family as far as they knew. They were just there together, and nobody else, and immediately they became friends.”

Thus begins the stories about Adi and Praja on Earth. They are heavenly children descended to earth. But before they were actually born on earth they had to learn a lot. They had to learn everything about the planet earth, where the earth came from, the universe in which the Earth was living, about minerals, plants and animals and about human beings, especially about the habits and feelings and thoughts of people. A new story will be published weekly on Thursday.

The first part of this e-book is about their learning experience. They watch and enter into all kinds of adventures, some of which are beautiful, some eerie, some shocking. They have to learn everything about the world. They experience towns and cities, sport competitions and music, fighting and love, hi-tech and pure nature, worldly and mystical adventures, and all their various adventures take place on different places on earth, or above or under the earth, in forests and deserts, cities and villages, mountains and lowlands. Moreover, the stories play in different periods in the past, the now, or the future. They learn to understand human life from childhood, from being adolescent and growing up, being adult and experienced and becoming and being old. They learn what life is and what death is, and what death is not and what people feel after they have died. They learn about good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant things, about science and philosophy and more than science and philosophy, about religion and occultism.

 This process of learning for Adi and for Praja takes place by watching other creatures, including humans, and identifying themselves completely with them. In their dreams they become these beings, but at the same time watch them from a distance. And some of the best humans who they follow – in a dream – will one day become their helpers. But these humans have to be thoroughly prepared for their future tasks.

 Most of the book you can understand when you are 14 (maybe even 12) or 16 or 18 or 22, but for some parts you must perhaps be very much older. What you don’t understand, just skip it for now. Or think about it. After reading it you may be able to teach your parents, whereas your parents teach you other things. And if they don’t understand or don’t want to listen try to let them read it for themselves.

Every week a new issue will be added. When the next issue comes the former one will be attached to the older ones, so that finally there will be a whole book.

For the first almost one hundred issues we will publish a table of contents at once, so that you can have at least a faint idea of what is going to come.

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