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Editorial 1

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Editorial nr. 1

Welcome on a new website !

Daily Theosophy tries to present a website that is friendly, open-hearted, serious, truthful and accessible for all those who are interested in such matters as discussed, from rather young to very old from any background. It also seeks to be a forum for serious writers and investigators.

There are already quite a few theosophical websites, and each has its own character of course. Still we have decided to add this one, because each person works according to what he or she finds useful and beneficial, and no two things in the universe fill exactly the same gap.

Theosophy is the ancient, modern and future – or ‘perennial’ – wisdom of all ages, though it has carried many names. It is the universal wisdom-tradition about the existence of which the greater and greatest teachers as well as silent workers for the benefit of humankind were informed, and that to a greater or lesser extent according to the times and environments in which they worked. Universal Theosophy (which always existed) formed the basis for well-known movements as for example the Alchemical, Rosicrucian,  and the Anthroposophical movements co-existing with popular Christianity in Europe or the Sufi movement co-existent with the Islamic tradition in Asia and Africa as well as for ancient and younger religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, the Ancient Egyptian and Greek, Persian, Babylonian etc. – science- and philosophy-religions and including the great mythological religions of the pre-Columbian Americas, just to mention a few examples. Besides, religions and systems of thought may have long been lost for our historic records; of course about these we know nothing.

Despite their superficial differences – for example one religion promoting ‘God’ while others firmly deny the existence of God, and either conforming or denying the presence on earth and in the universe of many gods – all true religions are consciously chosen manifestations sprouting from one and the same source – Truth as it is. Truth includes all movement, of course, it can not be rigid. Serious investigators will no doubt conclude sooner or later that even well-known ‘obviously contradictory’ original doctrines of various religions are not contradictory at all, but merely different emphases and efforts to express aspects of universal Truth in such a way that it is graspable for the common human mind and are in all ways stimulating for human culture – and that these doctrines are formulated in such a way that they bring as little as possible damage to humanity by the misinterpretations which almost naturally and unavoidably flow forth from imperfectly developed minds.

What is known as the modern theosophical movement or modern theosophical society was founded only in 1875 in New York by an Ukrainian lady – Madame Blavatsky (or Blavatskaya or Blavatska) who guided the Theosophical movement spiritually until her death in 1891. It was not her purpose to found a new religion or a new sect, nor to propagate a new set of doctrines invented by herself. She was not an enemy or mender of any existing religion. Her only purpose was to bring relieve and positive impulse for a mentally and psychologically suffering humanity. She emphasized what we wrote above, and saw it, as one informed about and connected with the universal Theosophical movement (whatever name one may give to it, such as Order of Wisdom and Compassion, Peace, Truth etc.), as her assignment and task to make the fact of its existence known – and that was quite a courageous effort in these materialistic and skeptical centuries. She – once again, as others had done before – had to break through the rusted opinions and established moulds of her period and worked for the future.

Since the beginning of the efforts of herself, her teachers, her direct cooperators and truly inspired followers, a lot has happened. The thought atmosphere of our global culture has, despite its infinitude of varieties and aspects, significantly changed. The Theosophical movement introduced ‘new’ ideas which found great resistance in Blavatsky’s days (for which she had to suffer much personally, like so-many spiritual heroes of the past). Nevertheless, however unwelcome her efforts often were with the establishment, it made humanity think and discuss and ponder, if not accept these ideas. And human development or evolution carried this forth, thus preparing the soil for more seeds to be sown, for more open-mindedness and for a gradual opening-up for still wider horizons – until the moment when crystallization, conservativism and the self-interests of establishments again freeze the further evolution of what was contained in her efforts – as, apparently unavoidably, has happened so many times in history.

The editors of this new website feel that much of the emotion that played an important, and not always positive, role in the last century and before in the fields of science, religion, spirituality, and even within the Theosophical movement itself, and those concerning social issues and views on ‘the art of living’ have greatly calmed down. At the same time ‘theosophy’ and the movement has lost a great deal of its popularity. It can now calmly and firmly continue its almost hidden work for the benefit of humanity – a task which can only be fulfilled successfully by the few truly unselfish and egoless souls among humankind, without any expectation of personal reward or gratitude.

The time has come for a more rational approach, so that the theosophical effort can continue to exert its positive influence: freedom of thought, brotherhood among all living beings for the sake of humanity and all living creatures and nature in general, helping science to liberate itself further from its strictly materialistic framework, and to stimulate the people of the present and future world psychologically from within to become happier, feel more stable, mentally more independent, more hopeful, and to again recognize the far more promising side of being called ‘spiritual.’ True Theosophy is recognized and understood by the heart-mind rather than by the brain-mind and is not necessary dependent on the measure of learnedness a person possesses. However the brain-mind is indispensible for understanding the more complex teachings and terms used in spiritual literature. Philosophers and scientists on the one hand, and children in development as well as naturally intuitive people – anyone who feels the importance of the spiritual side of life and nature, should feel like coming home when enetering this website.

One of our objects is to bring universal teachings ‘simply stated,’ or ‘under cover’, for perceptive but not (yet) over-intellectually trained minds, especially for young people. For that aim we include a serial called ‘Adi & Praja’ – to start shortly – especially written for young people, and besides we put simple, as well as sometimes very difficult articles on this site on all kinds of subjects. The articles on this site so far have been selected by the present editors, but we have also cross-linked to existing websites and literature. Besides we have prepared some very important gems of spiritual world literature under ‘Literature.’

We are still in a beginning stage and we wish that the site will grow considerably, also thanks to your contributions, and that it will always maintain the highest standards.

The website is meant to be dynamic: the editorial article will be replaced (at least) once a week, and of the serial Adi & Praja a new issue will be published weekly. Much of the direction in which the website may develop is still open.

We also invite our readers to help with this site, especially by writing and proposing serious articles, editorial work, but also in practical matters such as computer work.

This site is independent, not connected with any organization, and is non-political. The editors accept no expressions of sectarianism or gossip, but respect everyone’s freedom of thought. No human mind should ever be hurt, but any mind can be stimulated to develop further. This is a matter of principle.

We wish the readers and humankind the best for the future: psychologically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. May each of us help to make humanity a nobler race and the Earth a more stimulating home for all its evolving lives.

Daily Theosophy

Our contact address: info@dailytheosophy.net