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Chapter 17: Matter

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17 Matter

Trained occultists can at least partly remember their consciousness in unbroken sequence, and thus transfer some of their knowledge gained during their samādhis to common, untrained people. They have become acquainted with all phases of matter like we are acquainted with physical matter, and see it all from the deepest level of understanding. This explains the fact that some people have been able to give detailed information about heavens and hells and other states to which we normally have no access.

An exclusively materialistic scientist however excludes himself a priori from ever inquiring into these worlds which are connected with finer states of matter and consciousness. In the best case a scientist can create ill-to-define and ill-to-intuit concepts like probability waves, unified field, or regarding the universe as a (two-dimensional?) hologram projected on a sheet, while defining external existence as existing by the grace of the human mind only in a process of projecting unconscious choices (coming from a supposed ‘higher self’ or ‘infinite ego’) on the other side of the hologram. ‘We’ then ‘download’ it from there or from the ‘Field’.

Another major mistake is, in my view, to define the universe as being constrained by absolute limits like ‘speed of light’ and ‘absolute zero temperature’. Could it not be that the maximum speed or zero temperature and other ‘absolutes’ of physical matter does NOT apply to subtler forms of matter of which physical matter is but one particular form? Such limited concepts may have a reality in a limited portion of the material universe and thus be useful within the study of physical matter. But none of these concepts helps to explains consciousness per se, or mind per se, or brings us a clear picture of how to explain the large spectrum of phenomena called ‘paranormal’1 The science of consciousness and mind can only make progress if it very seriously and systematically investigates reports of near-death experiences, mystical experiences, (eastern and other) spiritual literature, and mythology beyond its externally phrased expressions. We don’t have to wait till aliens from ufo’s come to tell us. The non-physical types of matter as well as other phases of consciousness in relation with these have their own laws of nature in which many concepts which are defined within the realm of physical matter have no value.

An example is that in the ancient pre-Buddhist religion/ philosophy of Jainism in India ‘gods’, i.e. beings in a vaikriyaka śarīrai2 (subtle body) can move with speeds which seem to be quite a bit3 higher than the speed of light, and that the individual jīva (i.e. imperishable life-consciousness center within each living being (including minerals and many classes of invisible, but knowable, beings) can move ‘from’ one place ‘to’ another ‘instantly.’ This information comes from a knowledge about a ‘transphysics’ about which present day quantum physics can but vaguely speculate, all the while building the weirdest theories. If we wish to understand the true workings of the mind, we must first develop some understanding of what is beyond the brain-mind. True science will include and, after research, be able to explain all psychic and ‘paranormal’ phenomena and ‘miracles’ as well as the many unknown aspects of astronomy and cosmology. Humanity will need this knowledge to explain the genesis and workings of the universe. Without making this step that is so clearly pointed out by Theosophy and religion-science-philosophies that are, or originally were, based on actual knowledge of the occult sciences (i.e. the true and complete knowledge about the universe), western science will remain in its self-created material treadmill. Luckily, some progressive scientists are already beginning to have an intuition about such things. Let us please leave the areas of physical-matter-only and its theoretical inductions.

  1. Nothing is of course paranormal when we understand the laws behind it – then it all becomes as normal as everything we call normal today. []
  2. Fluid body. In Jainism, the body of hellish and heavenly beings which they take on immediately. It is the fluid body which can assume different forms and shapes – small, big, separate and non-separate, and also can take any form at will. []
  3. Because measures given in ancient scriptures are often not directly translatable in modern measures, there can be much disagreement among modern interpreters about actual speeds, measures and time-spans. Moreover some numbers seem to contain symbolic meanings that interfere with a literal modern mathematical interpretation. []
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