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Tritula said:

The mind will attain the meditation of Reality through its all-pervading intelligence. Then the supreme soul, which has become all-forms, will never again subject itself to the base rebirths. The wise, who have attained enlightenment, define Knowledge as associated with giving up the attractions towards worldly things, indifference towards pleasures and pains and an equal eye over all, as the perception of non-duality within even though they are moving in their body; love of solitude without associating with the hosts of mankind, a never-ceasing spiritual contemplation and an intuitive direct perception. Paths other than these will but breed pains arising from ignorance. The annihilation of the identification of ‘I’ with this body forms the universal remedy for the cure of the disease of birth and death and generating love and hatred. Then the Bliss of Consciousness will be directly perceived.


Free from Laghu Yoga-Vāsiṣṭha VI.8