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In this ancient scripture of the Mayans of Meso-America it is written that in the beginning there was silence only; the endless ocean only was there. There was no form of life or thought or emotion whatsoever. But in this endless ocean awoke God-Seven, who had been slumbering for innumerable ages – and whose name was “Feathered Serpent.” His outer skin was a gigantic blue-green egg, or rather egg-shaped aura.

The first thing to happen was that the Mind of God came forth in two aspects, and these two aspects – each of them a god in itself – started to confer. They discussed their task and the future. The Divine Mind perceived the Creation they were going to make, with the help of the divine architects and builders: the earth, the plants, insects, animals. But their ultimate purpose was to bring forth a being which would be able to remember, and pay homage, to its creator.

So first they created the elements and the earth, then plants and animals. And then … humans. But at that point the divine minds failed. They tried again. Again they failed, although the second humanity was far ahead in development compared to the first one. These humans – not yet men and women – had a mind, but they misused it. The forces they evoked, and used or misused, turned against them. They perished painfully. These early humans had minds and powers, they could make utensils and the simple instruments they needed, but their thinking and talking was idle. They did not remember their Creator; they did not recognize their divine origin. They entirely lacked spirituality.

Then the twin aspect of Divine Mind came down to live on earth in the form of twin brothers, thus laying the basis for spiritual humankind. They were great artists, and very spiritual. But at one time these spiritual twin brothers were called down to the Underworld, where they were to meet the evil and magical lords of lower nature. These were the several forms of disease, death, misuse of power and so on – thirteen were they – and they were intelligent cheaters too. And the divine twin brothers succumbed in the lower world of deception and passion: they died.

But of course the essence of the divine is immortal – the essence never dies, and it will ever be there to accompany and help wherever possible.

The twins’ essence then incarnated in the humans beings themselves. Through “immaculate conception” they entered the womb of one of the daughters of the Lords of the Underworld.

They were born and they were spiritual humans. After a long time they too were called to the Underworld to face the challenges the evil Lords put before them. Now they succeeded. The spiritual had conquered the material and passionate within humankind – and within each individual human being.

Man’s destiny is to become gods themselves – better than now they will express the ever imperishable divine essence which always remains beyond the manifested universe.

Part of a lecture titled:

The Function of Spirituality:

The Sacred in Our Lives

for the Shri Nijanand organization.

Jaipur, India, 2004


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