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Indus Script Deciphered 09 Ethics on Indus Seals

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9. Jain ethical fundamentals visible on Indus seals

The path of Jina is to progress towards nirwana, which can only be reached from human (male) incarnation through austerity with the Great Vows or Mahavrats indicated by the pichhi IS 365 jpg or peacock-feather brush held by the Jain ascetics, who observe the balance of Nishchaya and Vyavahaar Dharm indicated by two cherries ISD09 symbol 1 bm or kawati carried by the guru with renunciation IS 342 jpgholding responsibility of guiding both shrawak/ shrawikas and the sadhu/ aryikas possessing ratnatraya 01 8 jpg and the four anuyogas ISD 09 symbol anuyogas jpg for knowledge, having faith in IS 188 jpg five parameshthis, the six eternal IS 187 jpg components of Universe, the seven IS 438 jpg tattwas of the soul, the eight karmas IS 115 jpg to be countered and the nine padarthas which are very skillfullySkillfully jpg presented in this ethical and artistic seal depicting a text that a householder accepting self-restriction ids 09 symol Self-restriction jpg became a yogi IS 227 jpg and with Ratnatraya ISD 09 Symbol Ratnatraya jpg  took Mahavrata ISD 09 Symbol Mahavrata jpg observing the Jain ethics. Finally he took sallekhana IS 256 jpg and ended the four Ghatia karmas in this very life ISD 09 Symbol Life jpg , thus ending his cycles of rebirths. This is shown in this seal:

ISD 9 2 jpg

Further seals explain the ethical values of vertical lines in their symbolic texts. The lines numbering from 1 to 13 in these seals in increasing sequential order denote the Jain fundamental ethics.

ISD 9 3 jpg

One must read the ancient Jain scriptures to understand them. The values of the eight karmas, nine Padarthas, ten dharmas, eleven pratimas etc. should also be noted.

ISD 9 4 jpg

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