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Indus Script Deciphered 06 Prakrit language

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6. Prakrit language

A nature-based Prakrit language (= Nature laanguage) of signs and symbols was most convenient to unify the whole community of shrawakas and ascetics then, though Brahmi was evolved by the daughter of Rishabhdeo, the first Tirthankara or Adinath. That symbolic language was not meant for worldly needs, but was meant to guide each awakened soul to progress on the path of spirituality, by his own effort, staying introvert and silent. Hence, it was accepted as a traditional code, without assigning phonation to symbols which were ethical themes. Only one, the master theme was assigned phonation for enchantment and that was Om or Aum was the sound of the Jinavani given out by the Tirthankaras. A Jain scripture named Bhuvalaya Granth narrates about it. Five Indus seals suggest its phonetic sound and five suggest its script form. Om is, according to the Bhuvalaya Granth, the theme symbol of all languages and all scripts

ISD 6 1 jpg

Script form                                                     Separate                                                           Phonetic


The cry of  a  new-born  baby.


Drum beat (drumdrum) and Shardul roar.

Divya Dhvani.

Divya Dhvani.


Animal’s call.



In all the Indian scripts it is written separately, but only the Indus Om resembles the hanging Om of the Jain scriptures as shown below:

ISD 6 2 jpg

The Jain OM  

ISD 6 3 jpg

The Jain scriptural OM

ISD 6 4 jpg

Regional OMs