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Indus Script Deciphered 02 Svastika

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2. Swastika

Many of the Indus script signs are well defined in the Jain scriptures as well, like the swastika which is a karma-oriented sign meant as a warning with no auspicious value unless care is taken of it for the purpose of salvation. It does not support the theory of any creative god.

Indus symbols of the swastikaIndus symbol of salvation

Indus symbols of the swastika (A,B, C) to salvation (D)

The people of the whole region where cross and swastika signs are seen inscribed on rocks or on excavated seals apparently believed in the theory of an evolutionary cycle through rebirths. From the lives of air, fire, water, earth, microbes and vegetation, all of which have only one sense – touch or feeling – through many rebirths and the building up of karma gradually evolve into an improved gradual state of two-sensed forms of life, then to three-sensed, to four-sensed and then five sensed animals, up to five-sensed animals with a mind; the next is the human stage which initially is either a male-female, a female or a male human being, thus including all animals and higher beings, evolved by the workings of the law of karma. Naturally, some souls who have already reached the evolution stage to be embodied in higher forms of life, like humans, may, due to a specific bad burden of karmas be degraded to a rebirth into a lower life form. Due to evolution, souls after completing embodiments as two-sensed life forms evolve to a higher life form embodied in three-sensed life, and subsequently towards four-sensed and five-sensed animals but still without mind. Further counteracting of evil karma supports evolution to a mind-possessing animal life form and finally to a human form. The human form of existence can vary in gender: 16 lives as a eunuch, 16 times as a human woman and 16 times finally as a man in order to be able to make use of their life to emancipate towards salvation. If not, an (extremely) passionate life can lead to degraded transmigration through rebirth to inferior life forms, reversing the cycle. Countless times such cycles may have occurred for worldly souls like ourselves in the four directions of the swastika-cross, that means in the four realms of existence (subhuman, human, hellish and heavenly). This is shown by the symbols of endless knots and of the six-spoked chakra in the Indus code script. (far right in the figure below) very clearly:

ISD 2 2 jpg

Scholars have correctly understood these knots but could not conceive their meaning, because they believed that some god created this world who calls souls back whenever he wishes so and can send them again. People of such beliefs can not understand the Indus swastika culture in which knowledge of karma dominates.

Those karmas are clearly shown as eight in number in Indus seals, just as in Jain metaphysics:

ISD 2 2,3 jpg


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