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Master of the Universe

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The Dao is the source of everything. Dao is the creator and master of the universe. Dao is God – the Supreme Power: Before the earth and the sky existed, before the creation of the universe, the Dao existed. After the universe is annihilated and nothing remains, the Dao will continue to exist and to create and control a new universe.

The Dao is limitless, invisible and formless. It cannot be seen, heard, smelled or touched beyond the power of human comprehension. Dao activates everything, yet we cannot see its action.

It works without effort, yet nothing is left undone. Man usually calls it “Nature.” Nothing can exist without the Dao because everything depends on it. Dao is God and our soul issues from God’s essence. We are God’s children.

Dao is everybody’s true self. The body is not your true self. The body is controlled by the Dao within you.

While you are alive your soul dwells within your body. As soon as the souls leaves your body you are called dead. … You already had the Dao within you yet did not realize it. Therefore, you have had to search for it.

You are not limited to your physical body. You are bondless. You are the master of the universe because you have this essence within you. You are full of mercy and love because of Dao.

-Master Peng, Malaysia

(slightly edited)


<Table of Contents>