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A thought on Forgiveness

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It is interesting to note that according to evolutionary biologists, forgiveness is a basic trait common to many animal species. This is in agreement with the view that forgiveness is an inherent benevolent natural trait of all living-beings and can be developed to a higher degree in spiritually advanced humans, who have higher levels of consciousness. The capacity to forgive is a complex biological adaptation extending throughout the animal kingdom, which evolved as a regulatory mechanism to restore interpersonal relationships and mutual cooperation that provide survival advantage. The gene-based kin selection theories also suggest that individuals with benevolent attitudes sacrificing their self-interests for their group or for their relatives will be favored by natural selection. Inability to forgive has been shown to induce chronic stress and disease, whereas forgiveness enhances health by reducing psycho-social stress and fatigue, lowering blood pressure and lower-back pain, reducing anxiety, depression and psychopathology and promoting immune responses.