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Practice a loving attitude towards nature by constant alertness and mindfulness. Don’t kill, don’t hunt, but realize the pain and injustice done to the victim, don’t use products of killing and hunting. Don’t hurt others or any creature ever by your action, word or even in your mind. Mind is stronger than spoken word, and stronger than action. Look on every creature, however humble its present outlook, as a fellow divinity, a fellow pilgrim, with his own struggles and setbacks,. Think of the consequences of all you do, the relation your action may have with any emotion of living beings, the impact of your words on others. Ponder war and strive, disease and suppression, physical, emotional and mental suffering. Think of the insults done to pristine nature, to all creatures’ jīvas. Think of injustice and punishment of the one by the other, of jealousy, hatred, anger and greediness.

Play the best and noblest part you can within the human kingdom, and pledge to do so forever. So much suffering can be prevented, so much beauty and happiness can be furthered. Fear can be replaced by trust.