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Eternal Change, Eternal Essence and Daily Theosophy

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The search for truth, who we are, where we come from, where we go. Everyday we live our lives as human beings and experience ourselves as what we are. Our own personal feelings, thoughts, ideas etc. our own environments, our wishes, desires, everything we are. But most of these things, if not all, will change over time. Thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, they all change over time, even the physical body changes over time. We are not the same as we used to be. But all that which changes is not the real self, it is not the real awareness, that which perceives all these impressions, and experiences. How would it be if these emotions, and feelings and thoughts would not effect us? If they would have no impact on what we are? They would be like floating clouds, ever changing and moving forth and away. Nothing that would ever be  the same again.

And yet despite all this ever-changing and this temporariness, there is consistency, there are things that change slowly and therewith give consistency and the subjective experience of lastingness, or even everlastingness.

This is the illusion of time and motion in time (which is relative motion); things change. Motion is change. Things comes and go.

This is our restricted perception. Things that change fast we see change over time and they can ultimately transform into completely different things.

Things that change slow seem to remain the same over a period time. But is there an awareness that transcends motion, is there different awareness for relative motions, can the passing of thousands of years seem a second, or even be a second?

That to which awareness is attached is the thing that shapes the subjective experience of that awareness. If one can imagine the life-span of a sun and follow it form beginning to end, the passing life as an ant on this planet  might seem futile and even to short for real perception?

Yet the awareness of the life of an ant is full of experience and evolution too.

In this sense it seems relevant that the awareness is and can be trained. To focus on its inner interests, our inner motivations.

Man is capable of reflecting on these things. Human beings are beings that have the gift or manifested attribute of thinking about life itself. What is all this which we call life?

What is motion, what is time, what is change, what is truth, what is right, what is wrong?

When we know what we are as human beings, and when we know how we can live our lives right, i.e. in accordance to the highest principles, this would make human life and civilization grand, ethical, majestic, truthful. It would make all people into brothers and sisters, a real brotherhood in which all effort’s aim is to help each other, without afterthought, without competition.

It would create a globe of harmony in which all life is one, towards the same goal, expressing divinity.

It would bring about global, universal understanding, it would open up our awareness to what is real, to what reality is, to the interconnectedness of all living things.

Such a civilization would see that differentiation is the outward expression of inner integration. That oneness is unending separation and reunification, a oneness with which everything always remains connected however far it seems to have been separated and disconnected.

Life would be real, true, with the potential of knowing what one is, how to be, and to be aware of one’s own being.

 Through Daily Theosophy we become aware as human beings that we are much more than we now think we are. It wishes to give an opportunity for each to explore ones inner life. To explore the ideas of truly great minds and inspirers of humanity. Because in essence we are all human.

If we take a minute and explore the idea of human thought, we can easily see that thinking itself is in essence the same for all of us. Yet the colors of the thoughts or the content differs. How essential is content of thought?

Is it really what defines us or can it change over time and is it only a temporary definition of what we think we are?

That means how strong do we cling to a belief, or a train of thought, when it can all will be gone tomorrow?

If the world is really so temporary, evanescent, illusionary, in true principle we can all think alike. Before expressing thoughts giving rise to differences and diversification it would be wise to reflect on the Absolute first.

It can help avoid much evil-doing in the world.

Is there a way to instead attach to something more real, true and valuable?

To something that we all share? Universality itself, life itself, being?

Can we see, perceive each other as the same?

Is our mind capable of looking beyond difference, and can it find the universal essence in all human thinking, feeling, expression, emotion, in religion, philosophy and science? In short, can we find the essence in what  defines us (temporarily) as individuals and what we (eternally) are?

Daily Theosophy seeks to be an expression of what we share in our deepest essence. In what we share when we look beyond facade, illusions, the veil of life.


– Tonny Raats