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A Thought on Politics

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A Thought on Politics

Politics exists to strive to make existence fruitful and joyful for every living being on earth. Politics is the art of accomplishing what is possible, within this context only. Because society is ever changing and evolving, politics should be accordingly pliable. Political systems don’t help us, as we have experienced many times in history, and become a burden for humanity. Active politics, as also economics, should be based on continuous contemplation and brainstorming on universal ethics and its manifold manifestations for the wellbeing of all partakers of the global community – not for the interests of particular countries or groups. Leaders, up to presidents of countries, should never base themselves on emotional, exclusively national or popular interests. In stead they should be, or be intimately advised by, philosophers without dogma of self-interest (not even financial self-interests) who have thoroughly asked themselves throughout life whether their heart stream is genuinely motivated by love for humanity.

Problems and conflicts should be seized with the will to reach all that is possible, in which the wellbeing of all involved is the sole dominant motivating force. It is very important for politics to study the highest ethical systems concerning wellbeing, justice, compassion and forgivingness. Military means should focus more and more on defensive systems which are water-tight but harmless and no offensive threat to an inimical nation or group. It does not belong to the human duty to cause suffering to any conscious being, human or otherwise.

(Taken from: Culture Transcending Education from a Theosophical Viewpoint)