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A Thought about Non-physical phenomena and their explanation

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Non-physical phenomena and their explanation from different cultural backgrounds, taking these backgrounds as genuine ways to understanding, would provide us with a better type of anthropology than our efforts to describe external pattern of behavior of other cultures than our own culture. Many people have believed and do believe in unseen forces of nature: spirits, ghosts, synchronicity, intervention by local divinities in matters of personal interest, but also in greater divine forces and gods who provide the wise with intuitions and guidance. Such things can be categorized, and often rational explanations can be given within the framework of the rudiments of occult knowledge which exist among such peoples. If students at universities have acquired sufficient knowledge through the study of genuine occultism they may develop a clear classification and sound explanation of such things, which will then appear to be no longer “miraculous,” but only lawful phenomena of the thus far hidden side of nature.

Taken from: Culture Transcending Education from a Theosophical Viewpoint