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Universal Intelligence or Cosmic Mind

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Globally speaking we can say that all of life is the eternal change of structure of energy. This is abstract, because what is energy and what is structure?

We can see that nature built life forms according to inherent life energies, or that life is the expression of inherent life energies. But consciousness and will (mind and desire) are something other than mere energy. They are of a higher order because they seem to be able to master and control or influence energy.

Everything that obeys natural law, is in some way restricted to that law, which is ultimately the only way to govern and structure differentiated life. Only by law we can organize things. Without it there would be chaos.

Lower class energies, or living beings, obey law by default or necessity. Their force is not strong enough not to obey. That means that higher beings have more responsibility and possibility to organize their own and other lives.

Ultimately the creation of a universe, of life, has to be done under strict divine law, under highly evolved intelligent life.

In essence all these qualifications are absolute and eternal, higher and lower, more and less – all duality is in essence one, because ultimately there is nothing and all at the same time. Qualifications such as long and short, big and small, etc., can only be made by restricted and temporary force, or a limited and limiting power of mind. Separation can only exist within the whole.

Restriction can only exist within something bigger, to restrict is from.

In essence there is a circle without circumference and its central point everywhere.?????

Division can be thought of as endless, we can divide numbers unrestricted, without end, yet oneness can only be thought of in one way, as the ultimate, absoluteness, as oneness.

There is only one 0, but limitless numbers. Yet this 0 is the essence of all, the ultimate core around and from which the others can exist.

Yet our minds can more easily cling to restricted and divided conceptions than to the source from which they spring, or the surroundings that make them happen. That means the undividing mind.

The idea for this topic is universal intelligence behind all phenomena. The obvious intelligent structuring or ordering of manifestations.

When we, like science does, investigate and research lives, laws and characteristics, we can easily see that there is not just blind force, acting completely stupendous, or ignorant.

A journey through the human body can show us how extraordinary all processes act to generate the ultimate goal of a completely functioning human body.

Processes like cell division, seeing, hearing, bloodstream, food intake and excretion, etc., are all filled with reason and destiny, functionality as they are called, expressing ingenious solutions and activity, that human mind can study in awe, and still not understand in full.

The building up of layers, from atoms, through molecules, to cells, to bodies, all the same in essence, are all the life forces expressing through life substance, mind expression in matter.

Without mind there won’t be material expression, because there would be no impulses or forces or anything to express itself.

So therefore we can say that in essence all life is life, and life is consciousness, intelligence and will, more than its expression in substance. Substance is thought expressed.


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