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Spirit and Matter

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It is so obvious that there exist a material as well as a spiritual side to nature, that it is almost unbelievable that western science doesn’t really have a spiritual side to its materialistic theories. What science offers in its endeavors to explore and understand life and all its facets, is the very interesting physical side of the solution, where atoms and matter are the key and basis for explaining manifested life. It tells us about the atomic or molecular structures of all living organisms and universal objects, from stars down to the smallest living organisms. By telling this story, science is also able to manipulate the material side of nature – but in no way is it able to create new life.

What is not really explained, is the way in which these molecular structures are governed or designed, what the plan behind it is, what it is that constructs these units or building blocks we recognize as manifested force and properties – which are exactly what they are supposed to be to enable the manifestation of the larger whole to which they belong.

That is the wisdom and basic core of universal truth: the interconnectedness and correlation or interdependency of all life. There is not a part of life that is unrelated to the whole, or that can exist on itself alone. Neither is there a real beginning point on different levels. For example: it seems not to be so that there were first only atoms, without any idea at the basis of the phenomenon called ‘atom’ and without direction or plan to be formed into a whole: they already are, and have always been, that whole. When properties (of the atom) come forward, the next steps are already clear. If there is such a thing as fundamental or primordial substance (mulaprakriti), the source matter and source of all matter, this matter has to have enfolded within itself all that will follow from it.

If we look at a fertilized human egg cell, for example, from which cell division takes place, the source cell contains all that is needed to inform for a human body. (at least in physical sense).

The essence of the story is that without any (inner) guidance, reflection even, and ideas, a universe will never be able to create something so astonishing as the solar systems we life in, with all its planets and the planet earth with all its living species existing together as one whole, and manifesting eternal change and (progression).

The creation of any molecule, being the correlation of the properties of the individual atoms that bring about the emerging properties necessary for the bigger whole or plan to be realized, is an exact (scientific) manifestation of the potentialities and present forces and possibilities of its source. If we keep searching for the ultimate essence of matter or substance, we should find that essence that contains within itself all possibilities (in force and capacity, that is developing properties) and that will only be restricted (in capability) by manifesting its materialized or evolving properties in order to form the atoms needed for the bigger plan.

It is easily seen with everything built by humans. First the intensive planning and designing, than the gathering of materials needed, and building.

It is hard to imagine that all that humans have built: cities, cars, computers, rockets etc. etc., has come about by pure change without any planning or knowledge (intelligence) to guide these processes. There is a vision, an idea, a knowledge of materials and forces, building techniques etc. without which it would be hard to realize all this.

Why not so for life itself, the universe, and all living creation? What is the problem or the gap, the barrier to see the intelligence, consciousness and spiritual guidance (non-material essences involved), in the building of a universe, the creation or evolution of life? It is clear that this way of thinking will bring about another kind of science, a science of highly intelligent life, of universal law, guidelines for living, and a shift in the way we look at life, a renewed life vision.

A vision in which there is eternal progression, a vision thus that has no boundaries in any direction, but a vision wherein life is governed by divine eternal law, (which we can see as love, caring, compassion – as we can easily see in the beauty of life, the abundance of beauty, in natural life, the essential harmonies and interdependency of all life, in the greatness of the night sky with its stars and planets, etc.; there is so much small and big beauty and amazement in nature, that seeing it tells its own story.) revealing eternal planes of life for the endless numbers of forms of life to live on and in.


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