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God – The Need of Spirituality

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There is only one God. God is not a person, residing somewhere up in or even above heaven. “He” or perhaps better “It” is the omnipresent living, intelligent energy in any form and on any level of existence, which permeates each and every partition of matter. Spirituality and its opposite pole – materiality – are both aspects of that one and same God. Like light and dark, spirituality and materiality are dependent on each other – they are relative. If materiality would not be God, it would not exist. Materiality is the manifested face of God, spirituality is the hidden face of God, the subtle side, the side beyond the seven worlds of manifestation, the side of God that ever was, ever is and ever will be – which is eternally immortal.

The human being is the mirror of the universe, the mirror of God. In fact every man and woman may, from one approach, be said to consist of three parts, three souls: an animal soul, a truly human soul, and a divine soul. And because we can not be separated from God, because God is all, we can know God – in all its manifest facets, as well as its infinity, immortality, spirituality.

Physically we are an animal: 99% of our genes are the same as those of the great apes. Often we are also like animals in our emotions and desires. It is a necessity as long as we have to take care of the physical body in which we live.

Our mind we often apply in selfish ways for our lower purposes. This will make us to slaves of our lower nature, and when we have left our present body we will live in for some time in lower and unpleasant states of consciousness.. But in evolution, the animal kingdom is our past, and our evolution is now leading in upward direction, that is, in the direction of spirituality, of divinity.

True humans practice their intelligence, and have their animal desires under command, using them in the right way for the purposes nature meant them for. True humans serve their fellow human beings, and show compassion and care for indeed all living beings. They use their intelligence for purposes of justice, truth, and beauty.

But our destiny is ever higher. We can attune the best of our mental and emotional abilities to the spark of god in our heart, and develop our wisdom and noble powers so that we will become ever better servants of that what is true, good and beautiful. Ever more the divine spark will become clear to us, ever more the divine essence within us will shine forth more forcefully, and in the long term we become like gods – not alone like gods, but actual gods. We will have their supreme knowledge and intelligence. We will have lost the ability to think or act in evil ways, to be harmful to others. Because we know now that separateness is an illusion. Our divine powers of spiritual intuition will enable us to judge according to Truth itself, and to be efficient and wise and beneficent in all our actions. We will live in spiritual community with those who are already gods, which is immeasurably more beautiful and blissful and wise than even the best of the human world. And all gods know one fact: There is but one God, the essence of all, and always beyond all – omnipresent in infinity and eternity.

That is where spirituality is for. God is teaching us spirituality continuously, in every aspect of life – be it pleasant or unpleasant. God’s only wish is that we may leave behind the mire of earthly illusions and life in truth and light. Therefore spiritual teachings have been given to humankind in thousands of ways in all ages: there is only one reason: to give guidance to humanity from the dark towards the light. The only thing we have to do is to listen, to think, to understand and to practice every second of our lives; to bring out the best of what is within us. It is so simple, but still so difficult. By practicing spirituality we become humble but courageous soldiers in the peaceful host of divine beings. That is the responsibility, the dharma, which humanity carries on this earth.

May you recognize the peace within your heart

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