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Conquest of Time

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A beggar approached Yudishthira, the King of the Pāndavas. Yudishthira asked him to come the next day and the beggar left. His brother Bhima picked up a drum and started walking towards town. Yudishthira was puzzled. He asked Bhima what he was doing. Bhima answered: “I am going to town to announce to everyone that my brother Yudishthira has conquered time.” “What do you mean?” a perplexed Yudishthira enquired. Bhima replied: “A beggar comes to you for alms and you make a promise for tomorrow. How do you know that you will be alive tomorrow? Or that the beggar will be alive tomorrow? Even if both of you are alive, how do you know that you are in a position to give alms tomorrow, and how do you know that the beggar will still be in need tomorrow? Yet you have made a promise and asked him to come tomorrow. This makes you the first person to have conquered time. Si, I am going to town to announce that my brother here has conquered time!”


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