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From the human point of view

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When we look from within ourselves to the world, we perceive it as the thoughts and ideas we have been building within ourselves during our past. All beings are connected in a web of relation with all other life, on different levels of being. For many people who live their day by day lives, the personal, ego-bound life string is most prevalent or dominant. This is caused by all personal desires and wishes, due to lack of true inner wisdom, by ignorance of their true self.

The goal of true philosophy, religion, and science is (therefore) to explore the true inner man, and to reveal what he in essence is. True wisdom religion gives the directions, the insights, and the signposts for humans to walk the true life, to guide the self through the darkness of superficial and materialistic life, attached to the lower parts and principles of the human constitution, to the inner light of the divine Self.

For this to really have an influence on the human constitution, and to direct mankind to its true purpose and self, many an effort has been and is being undertaken from what we could call the ‘regions of the spiritual world(s).’ This includes everything that exists in reality beyond the human kingdom. It is the phase of evolution that exists ahead of the human race, a kingdom or realm on its own. Just as, in the scientific view, life should have evolved from lesser species into higher species, e.g. from bacteria to human beings, etc., so evolution can be thought extended far beyond the human race, all the way up to the higher, inner, gods, who reflect their light and intelligence, their consciousness according to universal ‘laws,’ and manifest themselves as form and movement. This leads to the life of the external universe being expressed in stellar life, light and boundless space. This life is to every detail an intelligent expression, in the form of subatomic to supergalactic constellations, forces interconnected and interrelated, in the outward world which we perceive and experience as life. To see this in more detail, and elaborate the idea to a higher level, we can research life in all aspects and try to understand it. That should be the aim and goal of philosophy, religion and science.

Therefore one should, as a common effort of humanity trying to find truth, have the same goal, the same diligent way of working, and be driven only by the pursuit of truth.

We should examine this more closely and deeply.


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