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The Theosophical Movement – a turbulent history

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It can not be denied that the outer Theosophical movement has had a turbulent history since the moment of its founding. And, almost as soon as Mme. Blavatsky had expired in 1891, distrust, accusations and quarrels arose which became almost destructive for the theosophical effort. Soon these troubles lead to splits, and later disagreements among members soon lead to more splits. Nowadays there are quite a number of Theosophical Societies with their own organizational structure (chosen president, appointed leader, or rejection of any hierarchical structure) etc., which each delivered generations of students and followers – who in their turn often again disagreed among themselves; and there were authors, leaders and presidents explaining and extending the teachings for their own group, but not recognized as such by others.

The original founders, the ‘Masters’ no doubt had enough insight in human nature and in the history of comparable efforts not to be surprised about this course of events. Average human mind is by nature not pure, it has biases and judgments, attractions and repulsions of a personal (but rationalized) character and hidden self-interests, even if those involved are not aware of their own impurities and weaknesses and regard themselves and their friends as ‘correct’ and thus others as ‘incorrect’ or right away ‘evil.’ The energetic and unconventional impulse given by those who have already passed beyond the human stage that is involved in personal desires, ignorance, erroneous beliefs worked like giving a bomb to a child. The very core of human thinking and believing was shaken and turned inside out. The result was that strong opinions and viewpoints arose accompanied by intolerance for other man’s views – actually the opposite of what is meant by ‘brotherhood.’ But so is human nature in this stage of evolution. Nevertheless it was the first time that such teaching as given out in Theosophy could hope to find any understanding and reception at all. Only the noblest among men and women of these days and our days could and can handle what for most is a ‘hot potato.’ Within many characters, instead of a sincere unselfish wish to serve the cause of service to humankind, selfish motivations, even those hidden deep within their psychology beyond the reach of their own awareness, surfaced. It might definitely be possible that within the ranks of noble organizations or institutions there are some with a ‘second agenda’ which is to destroy the efforts of the genuine theosophists and the new impulses for humankind. True Theosophists are serious people, inspired by the same lofty ideals of the Brotherhood that works for humankind, in their own way convinced of there genuine support of the cause for which they work, and of the body of teachings that were given out. It seems improbable that enemies of the total theosophical effort – which no doubt existed and exist – would try to do there ominous work through one or some of the organizations, letting others unimpaired. The intricacies are so refined, whether for good or evil, that no human mental judgment can be faultless and final. Even today we experience the aftermath of troubles which started more than a century ago. However, the fact remains that negative thought (or word or action) leads to a negative result, doubt, confusion and harmful actions based on doubt and confusion. Every positive thought (serving the idea of, and strengthening brotherhood and altruism) is helpful for humankind – and for billions of other creatures dependent on human attitudes.  If it is the dharma, the special spiritual task of any genuine Theosophist to wage war against evil (I mean real evil, not supposed evil by other parties) within the Movement now embodied in many organisations, this is his or her task alone, and nobody else’s. Let us do our best in our own way, and vow for ourselves never to cherish an evil thought, however secretly, about another person or organization. The Truth stands alone, and with the help of purity, will prevail.

The editors of Daily Theosophy vow in no way to become involved in political, personal or historical controversies concerning persons and/or organizations – but disagreeing or even opposing doctrinal interpretations and discussions about the implications of doctrines proposed in Theosophical literature are most welcome.

– Editors DailyTheosophy