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For the daily inspiration of the higher mind


Daily Theosophy seeks to be a friendly website, informing people about Theosophy and how to apply it in daily Life, and to develop a spiritual attitude of mind which is valuable for the true stimulation of culture and possibilities for its future. It links to articles, stories, thoughts of contributors, spiritual teachings, holy texts, articles discussing promising scientific developments, social development, poetry, art, nature, religion and simple daily sayings. The purpose of Daily Theosophy is to promote brotherhood, understanding, mutual respect and value recognition and thus warm sympathy among individuals, nations, religions, cultures. Theosophy  throws a light from universal perspectives upon one’s true personal problems as well as those with which humanity has to deal – always without dogma or a leaning toward this or that religion per se. It also provides a basis for future development of man and humanity in centuries to come. Theosophy has had already, and will continue to have a huge impact on the ways people think and feel. This almost silent work on the background has always been the function of Theosophists throughout the ages – under whatever known or unknown name they may have done their work. We see it as our task to touch on fundamentals, to discuss them, enlighten them and to present them in their pure essence. The foundation of the modern Theosophical Society in 1875 gave a new impulse according to the character of the cyclic periods which have but just begun.

A fine selection of literature will be posted in the section ‘Literature.’ Apart from this choice, links are given to all outstanding theosophical literature since the founding of the Theosophical Society in 1875.

Daily Theosophy is not an organization, but is an independent initiative of the present editors.

At this young stage we are working on a limited number of topics. It will gradually be extended. Apart from posting articles according to the various catagories mentioned on the Home page, we are posting a few core spiritual texts.

It is not our intention to overload the website with extensive literature, nor to give information about organizations which are the vehicles of spreading Theosophy. There are already enough (or too many) websites. We will however give links to sites when applicable. There are many websites on theosophy and the theosophical movement, its good and bad history, where you can find discussed its nobilities and of persons involved – as well as their ‘ignobilities’ and hurdles. These are the reflection of the inner struggles every serious person and organization goes through and can but go through.


At this young stage we are working on a limited number of topics. It will gradually be extended. Apart from posting articles according to the various categories mentioned on the Home page, we are posting a few core spiritual texts, notably The Bhagavad-Gītā in a rather unknown theosophical translation. An other bigger project is the Laghu Yoga Vasiṣṭha – a most valuable ancient Indian theosophical text, translated into English in the nineteenth century, which is – regrettably – rather unknown, even among theosophists and scholars. It exhibits an astounding non-dualistic understanding of the basics of the deepest theosophical teachings of all ages. We began by putting a serial named Adi and Praja – An occult fantasy which contains truths. It is for all ages, but was written with young people in mind. It contains exiting stories and deep teachings. We also are collecting ‘Daily Sayings’ – a new one to be supplied every day.  Other jewels of spiritual world literature will follow. We also posted a so far unpublished Glossary to The Voice of the Silence and the same as Glossar in German. The Voice of the Silence itself has been corrected as to transliteration of foreign terms.

Besides these activities of the editors, we hope to extend the site continuously with YOUR contributions.

Daily Theosophy is for people who have a heart (and who doesn’t have one?) – and want to develop it further, and for those who combine this with a great mind as well as for people with a simple but pure mind, as open and hungry for knowledge as a child.

Brotherhood can be accomplished best by recognizing the universal truths which are hidden in, and in fact the source of, all valuable thought systems and religious systems in the world, ancient and modern. These connect all people of all times. If there is Truth behind all opinions and forms and expression, this truth must be universal. Truth itself cannot contradict itself. Brotherhood could be called the mantram for modern humankind. The mind has to abide in it, it has to be felt, practiced in daily life, be part of our philosophies, religions, politics, personal pursuits and our attitude toward Nature in the widest sense. It naturally is for the benefit of all living beings.

One of the ways which has been advised for our time – which is intellectual and intelligent in nature in which people have general access to knowledge from everywhere and of all times as never before – is to study religions and thought systems comparitively, thus to separate the husk from the grain, and to develop the individual mind and spiritual recognition and intuition necessary for the cultures of the coming ages. For this purpose a Theosophical Society – now split in many branches and separate offshoots – has been founded in 1875. In theosophical literature written since then, we find a tremendous amount of which lead to deeper understanding of ancient and later spiritual world literature as well as to daily life. The basic force which motivated the Founders behind the Theosophical Society was compassion, then and now embodied in an (unknown) number of hard working people, without self-interest, without expecting reward, and accepting laughter and slander over their heads. New impulses and ideas always face resistance and even aggressive attacks by conventional forces – as all great teachers standing at crossroads of culture have experienced. Theosophy literally means ‘the wisdom of the gods,’ or divine wisdom. ‘God’ or ‘gods’ and great compassionate souls  – whatever name various peoples may have given them – include all those who have mastered, to a large extend, this universal knowledge, and have become qualified, not by denomination or self-esteem but by unspoken nature, to teach and work in this field.

Humanity is an evolving species – evolving mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Like children in a school they may be given more and more instructions each season according to their level of development and understanding, and according to their zeal to learn. New lessons may overrule old ones, and even seem to contradict the simpler explanations given earlier. Moreover not every individual, not every culture, not every mood and task of peoples, nations and cultures is the same. And there are those with less, and those with more understanding when something is explained.

Another purpose for which the Theosophical Society was founded, was to promote research into the (unknown) spiritual forces inherent in the human being and the surrounding universe. The greatest general cause of suffering and hard human attitudes in our time is the belief in ‘physical matter only,’ excluding more subtle forms of matters, energies, life-forms, and excluding the link of all existing things with universal mind, energy, direction, compassion and wisdom. It would be a great boon for humanity if we could see the wholeness and togetherness and cooperation of all life – from subatomic to supergalactic – in the physical, subtle, energetic, purposeful, intelligent, intellectual, and spiritual sense – as has been taught throughout the ages, but to which not much thought is given in our days. There is much to discover yet, for science and philosophy as well as for our own subtle heart.

Daily Theosophy is the private initiative of the present editors, not for profit and is not linked to any organization or official body,  nor is it critical towards any organization – nor is it itself an organization. It is for everyone, and everyone may contribute. We just wish to provide an entrance towards Theosophy in our own way, and be a forum for all serious people who wish to make literary contributions. So we look forward to your contribution!

The editors feel responsible for what is propagated and spread through this website, so contributions will be accepted in accordance with what is written above, and be judged according to their inherent quality. We accept no articles concerning individual theosophical societies, politics, history of the movement and in general contributions that stir personal or group emotions; no contributions critical to others at all.

If you wish to criticize (or praise?) us, or have good ideas or whatever you want to discuss privately, please write to our e-mail address, and we will take very serious notice of your views: info@dailytheosophy.net

May we all become a little wiser.

– Daily Theosophy

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