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Adi and Praja

Chapter 9

Issue 141: Dream of Heaven

Some had golden swords, which signified transcendental knowledge destroying ignorance, arrows to hit one’s aim or flagons from which poured a honey-like etheric fluid – and whoever tasted a drop of that honey would from than on be immortal.


(the dream of heaven)

Shano himself – he had paid no attention to himself so far, but now he noticed that he was sitting easily with folded legs and palms joined together on a white lotus flower, that his body had no weight and that he was looking in all directions at once, and that he could look through everything in that universe and see what was behind it, from the front as well as the back side, because there were no obstructions, and he seemed to look in all directions from every point in the universe. He noticed that all deities were looking at him, and because he himself had four heads, he saw all of them as in front of himself. Wherever he or you or someone else would have been sitting in that dream, all these deities would be looking at you and all others. Then he looked down at his own body, and saw that his body itself was composed of millions or trillions equally shining and beautiful deities, and that each of them had a brightly radiating heart. They were moving away from him in all six directions, but at the same time they themselves produced as many new ones as moved away. There was no end of it within eternity. Wherever he looked, he could be aware of every detail as well as the whole, which was infinite – he now realized. He stayed there for eternity, and within that eternity the dream shifted slowly. He still saw all the beings, as beautiful and shining and radiating as before, but now they were all concentrated on a task. In the sky were immeasurable numbers of worlds, human worlds, animal worlds, gross worlds and subtle worlds, hells and heavens of all hues, from the darkest to the lightest, worlds with ‘dead’ human beings and animals, and worlds with thousands of classes of ‘invisible’ beings. For every being in the universe there was a deity with a compassionate heart. Even for the worst criminals and the beings in the deepest hells. Shano saw now that besides the normal attributes in their hands, many held a flower, or a few flowers. Most of them had a white lotus on its stalk, the expression of absolute purity – because a lotus flower in a pond rises out of the mud or the earth, grows through the waters of ethereal illusion, into the air of dangerous thoughts and then opens its heart unstained to receive a jewel of enlightenment from the sun of wisdom.

Some had a pink rose, signifying desire to give divine love, again others had a yellow tulip with its serene petals closing together at the top, signifying the serene beauty of hidden wisdom and spiritual expectation. Then there were those who held a white rose, signifying the compassion, serenity and beauty of death, or three yellow daffodils, the early spring flowers of hope. Purple crocuses with each a bright orange pistil, evoking divine awe of mystery, or a white crown of long thin petals poised into a circle, with a yellow heart – which opened their heart in full glory and absolute confidence towards their own divinity, the sun. The radiating deities, the holders of these and other flowers, went to all corners of the universe, to hand out and plant their flowers: they gave divine love to the lonely, planted three yellow daffodils of hope in the earth, they gave consolation to the moods of those who had lost someone to the god of death, a daisy to those who had lost confidence through doubt, and to some who hoped and believed that a spiritual world really exists, but where not sure yet, the gave a tulip of secret knowledge, a still closed grail. Very rare were deep purple roses, with their petals arranged into three and a half circle. These were given to those who were very pure and serious and wouldn’t fail: when you smelled from this rose you would become fully clairvoyant and see the colors or the feelings and thoughts of the people, and what was the deeper cause of their thoughts. If you had acquired the power of that rose, you could understand and help anybody who needed help, even when he or she was dead. And there were lilies and gentians and orchids – and the whole universe would be filled with their beautiful smells whenever Shano looked at them.

All deities were doing their utmost to inspire, help, teach, whisper as silent voices, producing heavenly sounds and harmonious intervals, trying and hoping with infinite patience to send some hope and light to all miserable beings, in such a way that they would see or hear or awaken, and decide to go the noble path. No single being in the whole infinite universe was left alone. Lines like of golden silk, but a thousand times finer and more beautiful, were connecting with every individual heart. And the deities knew that, even after perhaps many failures of the soul on which they particularly focused, they would finally win. All these deities resided in Shano’s heart, he felt.

Then he woke up. The sun was already shining. He looked around him, and the thousands flowers in the field and myriads of grass leaves in front of the cave each carried a dewdrop. They vibrated softly in a gentle mountain breeze. Their water worked like prisms in the sunlight, and they reflected the colors of all jewels in all directions.

When he woke he remembered his dream of eternity, which in reality had lasted only a few minutes; but within seconds it faded away. His brain mind was unable to maintain awareness of it, and soon Shano had no more recollection of the dream. The sky was bright blue, he stretched his body, and he continued his journey. He found enough to eat, drank cool water flowing down from the surrounding hills, and his gloom was completely gone. He remembered all what had happened in the cave, but he felt purer and stronger than ever. He felt that he had overcome all physical and psychological obstacles, for ever. They did no longer exist. Nothing could equal the horror of this experience. Hatred, anger and fear were dead. He now realized why in some sacred scriptures it was said that hell was eternal. When he was in it, he could see no beginning or end. He had experienced it as eternal when he was in it. He was utter misery. In physical reality it had lasted no more than a few minutes – it had clearly had a beginning and an end. He had understood something millions of people have not understood for ages and suffered great fears from that misunderstood teaching, because they thought hell was eternal, and once they were in it, they would be there forever – without a second chance. But that was just meant in a psychological and relative sense. No hell (or heaven) lasts forever. Now that it was all over he felt even gratitude to the monster. It had been his greatest teacher in self-conquest.

He walked on, more sensitive of the happiness of nature than ever, and wherever he looked scores of cheerful transparent beings seemed to love and trust him, and danced around him, and he sang for them.

Looking back at the event under the earth, Shano realized – very contrary to what you might expect, perhaps – that the Prime Monster and the other monsters had been projections by the great Divinity of Compassion, the Heart of hearts. The whole event had been born from Shano’s own mind. But that he didn’t know yet. He himself had vowed long ago that he would be an associate of the compassionate beings guiding the universe, and that no suffering or obstacle would lead him off his path. For that purpose he knew he had to become utterly purified, utterly reliable, utterly beyond the possibility of being distracted. He had had to overcome all his weaknesses, left over from the animal side within him that had been fed and cherished throughout many ages. He had already overcome them, i.e. suppressed them – but animal passions and desires and negative psychological tendencies had to be completely killed, not just suppressed in him, before he could live among the gods – and ultimately become one himself. Now he felt genuine sympathy for his boss, and for the boys that stole his money and all the others. Not because he agreed with their deeds, but because in his compassionate heart he felt the pain of the inner soul of these persons. That inner soul tried to teach them, guide them, but due to passion and ignorance their personality hadn’t listened. And the inner soul of them was suffering more than their personality, because it saw that its pupil had again failed, and had to remain in this gloomy world for now, for many lifetimes perhaps, before they would get another chance. Shano hoped that some day he would meet again with the boss and the boys, and all the others who had disappointed him, and would be able to teach them, to make them aware of and inspire them to abandon their own failures and weaknesses, and set them firmly on an upwards leading road to inner happiness.

So the monsters had been just wrathful aspects of Great Compassion, great teachers and helpers, who were needed to clear the way to progress, teaching the practical side of progress. This practical teaching was necessary next to learning and studying holy texts and practicing kindness and compassion for all beings. He had now reached a state of physical and psychological purity as never before. No physical or psychological impulse could ever bring him out of balance any more. And this is an absolute condition for becoming a really compassionate soul.

He noticed that he felt very healthy, …

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