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Adi and Praja

Chapter 9

Issue 137: Monsters

And Shano called: “Is there somebody?” The sound echoed as if there was a large subterranean space beyond. He waited ten seconds, but no answer came.


(the monsters)

Just when he decided to continue walking, he heard the same sound, but now very close by. He felt at once that there was no escape, as if it were some monster. He thought of his girlfriend he had had to leave in this life, and how he loved her, and how he wished to be with her. Would she feel that he was going to die? Would she think of him in his last moments of his life?

Before him, doomed a large animal-like blue creature with tusks, long pointed fangs, sharp claws, and the figure had three red bloody eyes. Its name was Skilled Ignorance. He saw now that it was standing in a large open space. It grinned at him. Next to him stood a basket with freshly severed human heads. He wore a double garland of human heads, and also some tiger and lion heads, of all of which the skull had been removed, and then dried. They still had all their features, in dry miniature: beards, hears, open eyes, ear rings (now bigger than their ears) and other ornaments. Some grinned, others had the dried look of a face that shouted of death fear and despair. He even thought he heard some of them screaming and wailing. But that was perhaps his imagination. His first reaction was to run back, but as soon as he turned around he saw that another monstrous creature was blocking the way back. The first creature said: “I am Yoooouu”. Shano did not understand what that meant. He was here and the creature was there. It said: “Don’t you want to eat something? – you must be very hungry and thirsty.” Immediately Shano felt a tremendous hunger and thirst. He had not been eating and drinking for hours, but had paid no attention to his body. But this was something else. It was an unbearable hunger. He was used to quite something on his trips, but this was a hundred times worse. The same with thirst – he could have drunk a gallon at once. At the same time he felt a great urge to go to toilet, an unstoppable pressure. The monster saw it, and laughed again, louder than before. In the open space behind the monster they were preparing a big meal of all kinds of meat: tiger meat, lion meat, vulture meat, and … human meat. Their were gallons of human blood wine. It became obvious to Shano that his end was nearing. But if only he could eat something – after going to the loo! It was terrible, but he found some consolation in the thought that all would be over soon. That thought appeared wrong. The monsters, dozens of them, started eating with their hands and feet and directly with their mouths, and of course all of them became drunk of large quantities of the blood wine. They weren’t particularly civilized, so in no time there were bones of people and vultures and big cats everywhere, with bloody pieces of meat still sticking to them. At the time they started eating, an orchestra started playing. Extremely loud, ear damaging for human beings. Not only that, it was completely disharmonious. This would already be terrible for you and me, but as you know Shano had a special sensitivity for harmony and refined music. They had violin and guitar like instruments each which its own amplifier, but the instruments were not made of wood, they were of badly mixed alloys of iron, zinc, lead, and sulfur. The strings were made of intestines, mostly human, blood clotted on the instruments and with pieces of meat and sinews sticking to it. The bows were made of thinly stretched zinc and iron wire ‘hairs’ with tiny sideways extensions, standing away from the bowstring no more that a quarter of a millimeter. With these they brushed over the intestines, just above the inbuilt microphones. There were also trumpets of iron, horns (made of goat horn), and all kind of screaming flutes made of bone. The monsters were very skilled though. They knew exactly how to produce the most ugly and painful sounds. Like that of a 90 dB dentists drill, and just the right frequency to produce tremendous pain, like touching your tooth nerve, in each of your human teeth. It seemed to Shano that the feelings of hunger and the other extremely unpleasant feelings were all produced inside his body, but in fact it was the influence of the ‘music’ The sounds just ‘touched’ his nervous plexuses in the lower parts of his body.

That was the last logical and sane thought Shano had. He wasn’t himself anymore. He was crazy. Blood was everywhere in the dining hall, especially after they got sufficiently drunk. It spattered around and a unbearable stench of blood and rotten meat spread through the hall and the tunnel. They let Shano look on, whose hunger and thirst increased and increased, but they gave him nothing to eat. Also he was constantly watched from a close distance by female monsters, so that he dared not even shit or piss. It was hell. For all his senses as well as for his mind. Then one of the female monsters took him to a round structure like a well, with a lid on it. It had an round stone edge of some four feet high. The well itself went straight down. She invited, or rather forced Shano to climb on the edge and to look into the well, called the pit-to-the-center-of-the-earth, but she warned him not to be drawn into it. As soon as he looked down over the stone edge, tremendously strong sexual feelings arose in him – stronger than he or anyone else has ever experienced on earth. In his fantasy, or in reality – there was no difference – he saw deep down in the dark naked whitish squirming semi-transparent female bodies with waving deep red vagina’s almost as big as their bellies and a smell of a most subtly sensuous and strong aphrodisiac perfumes. They made sighing sounds of passion. The music coming from above and behind had taken on the form of the sound of hundreds of orgasmic girls and women. They directly worked in on his consciousness. He strongly felt he wanted to jump into the well to satisfy himself, with all of them and without end, even if it meant he would have to stay there for ever. He crawled over the edge of the well, supported by the female monster, and the attraction became stronger and stronger. The most beautiful girl or nymph, whatever its was, floated higher and higher towards him, but too low that he could reach her. The female monster had rented his pants to pieces, and Shano had developed an erection which was at least one and a half times as big as the normal maximum. The thought passed through his mind that his organ would explode and that the monsters would drink the best of his blood. He felt on the verge of ejaculation, and explosion of his organ, besides of pissing and shitting and hunger and a parched dry throat, which inhibited his producing any sounds, though he tried to cry out. Never had he, or anyone else ever, even in a nightmare, felt such a supreme combination of misery, passion, fear, desire, repulsion and despair in his body. He now was with his knees on the edge, and the monstress supported his bottom. His body was drenched in sweat because of the heat there – it must have been boiling point – and at the same time, because everything was anti-harmonious there, his body became stone cold, icy cold, and he could hardly move his limbs because of their stiffness. As a result of his sweat and loss of control over his muscles, he slipped, and fell head down in the pit of eternal and continuous satisfaction, and at the same time of eternal hunger and the other things. He fell … but at the last moment the female monster grasped his slippery leg, and, with great effort, pulled him up. He was not intended to fall down by mistake, but only by fully giving in to his passion, so out of his own free will. Only then would the pit be fully effective. If that moment was reached, she might eagerly help him with a little push against his bottom. The tension grew, all the extremes became still extremer, but he could not shout for his mother or anyone. He felt the attraction still rise reach the absolute limit above what could be endured by a human being, and …

as by a miracle a musical tone from unknown origin and highest purity which he seemed to hear, he came …

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