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Adi and Praja

Chapter 9

Issue 132: Song of the Sun

And, even if the true book would be abandoned in the future and because there perhaps nobody left who could understand it, the stories would be told from generation to generation, together with the hidden message within them – until the time the messages could be understood.


(the sons of the sun)

Another story was about the sun, the old moon and the young earth. The sun was a glowing golden light, the moon was faintly lighted, but enough to remind the people of the sun during the night, and sometimes she seemed to die and disappear. Yet, always she was born again after a while, even if clouds in the sky hid her face. The young Earth was full of new energy and hope, young and bright blue, but the light was not of herself: it was because the sun shone on her and gave her light. But as the Earth was round the Sun could be on only one side at the time, and therefore the moon with her limited powers assisted him.

One day the Great Spirit of the Bamboo went to the Sun, and said: “You should marry. You should help the people on earth with something more than just light and warmth. The time has almost come.” The Sun asked: “Why should I marry. I am too busy giving light to all souls in the universe, day and night. I have no time. I do not want to marry.” But nobody, not even the Sun himself, can disobey the orders or wishes of the Great Spirit of the Bamboo. Only the spirit of the bamboo knows destiny and can fulfill it. So the Sun, giving up his protests after a while, asked: “But whom should I marry?” The Great Spirit answered: “The Moon.” ‘WHAT !,” said the Sun, “that old wife, who is already as good as dead? Whose light has almost gone out? Please give me someone more beautiful as my wife!” But the Great Spirit answered: “Your work will be most beautiful when you marry the Moon, though the relation won’t be easy. It is not for her sake, but for the sake of her children and your children that I ask this” Now the fact was that the Sun was preordained to live seven times as long as the moon. And she was dying, it was true. Here children had already left her in her dying room, because she could no longer feed them anything but some filth, and the children could no longer take care of her. Destiny had brought her to the realm of Death. So, the Sun said, again in protest, “Why should I marry that old corps?” “Because only then you can become the legal father of her children,” the Great Spirit answered. “Her children are fatherless, and have left her. Some years ago they build boats which could be pushed forward by the winds of space and they were guided in the right direction by a giant space-fish who swam before them and pulled the boat. In groups they had entered such boats. Also the animals and the plants and other beings entered such boats, even before the people.

The journey through the empty sky would take a long, long time, and they all went asleep to bide their times in the most beautiful dreams of their imagination. Until, one morning, they hit ground, and disembarked on the Earth. They were still sleepy and dizzy. Now the animals became men, the monkeys first and then all animals followed suit and became men – but only men with the faintest intelligence. The plants became animals – the orchids of the trees first – the stones and the waters became plants – the crystals first. And the bright and intelligent humans of the moon, where were they?

So what,” interfered the Sun with some selfish disdain, what do I have to do with it?” “Everything,” said the Great Spirit. “You will be the hidden king.” “You are the Great Spirit, so I must respects you, but, honestly I think that you are talking nonsense.” said the Sun. “Everyone on all planets which move around me and pray to me can see me, so how could I be hidden? Behind the moon perhaps, he added skeptically.” “You have to hide yourself inside every human being that was a animal on the moon, and once they walk upright, you have to hover invisibly just above their heads.” “I cannot, I have no time, and my duty is to radiate, and not to hover above these stupid heads.”

You don’t have to go yourself,” said the Great Spirit. “You can send many sons from yourself, and they can go to the Earth as your representatives while you continue to shine in the sky. You are a man, so you can only brings forth sons. The moon is female, but her children have no gender, or both genders. I want your sons to go to the earth and marry the children of the moon.” “Hm” said the Sun. “I’ll send them, and if they want they can go, but if they don’t want they should stay home.” And so it happened. The Sun send millions of sons from himself, from his own mind, while he himself did not diminish. His energy and material he took from outer space. When the time had come, the Sun’s sons went to look at the creatures on the Earth … and found them disgusting. They refused. But the Great Spirit said: “I ask you to go out of compassion for them, because only then they can become true humans who can become true gods. Some understood, obeyed and went. They became kings and teachers of the best of the young people on Earth. Others followed later, and then again others, until the intention of the Great Spirit of the Bamboo was fulfilled. They discovered that every human who was once an animal on the moon had the potency to become intelligent, and learned to think for himself, learned to talk and learned to appreciate beauty. The later sons of the Son noticed that now the children of the moon had split in two groups: males and females. But they married them all. The sons of the Sun were the Mind, and the mind is equally present in women and men. Mind is above gender. Since that time all men and women can understand ‘God’ and that God was with them all the time. Invisibly a son of the Sun is hovering above the head of each human being – and that is what makes men different from all animals. And, as the most intelligent among the forest people understood, this individual god was a son of the Sun, whose essence is Mind. Animals don’t know about God, though unconsciously or instinctively they obey God better than humans do. They have no son of the sun hovering above their heads – that is why they walk on all fours (or six or eight), horizontally, looking at the earth but never to the sky. This god or Sun-son never bothers himself with the personality of the person above which he hovers. Because all humans individually have to train themselves on basis of his inspiration, but they have to train themselves, nobody else can do that for them – like at any school. Because he is of the nature of the highest Mind in the Universe, he can only help those people who think for themselves and yearn for higher knowledge, not worldly knowledge. Thus grows intelligence within men and women, age after age after age. If we listen and listen and listen and listen with our mind, each man can harmonize with that God, with the Sun, with their own son of the Sun, and ultimately embrace him as their father and eternal life partner. Then only the marriage is fulfilled. This is how intelligence grows, how a man can become a God and immortal like the spirits of the forest, but much, much wiser than they. This is why the Great Spirit of the bamboo had ordered the sun to marry with the children of the moon.

If Shano perceived brightness in the minds of his listeners he would sometimes add: and the sons of the Sun were inside the Caiman’s egg, in the dark blue part of the upper half of it.

And in this way Shano’s life went on, always carving wood, making bows and arrows for people to hit their aim, making music, teaching music, studying the books, thinking deeply, teaching the art of writing to others and telling new stories. At the same time he was the best example of kindness and helpfulness one can imagine, and he was a great psychologist.

When Shano was 54 a young man came from a far country, apparently by chance, alone in his canoe up the river.

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