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Adi and Praja

Chapter 8

Issue 94: Meditation

Don’t you agree? And do you think it is easy? Well, it is easy, but most people think that it is difficult, and therefore do not even try. They rather go to a doctor or a psychologist or a psychiatrist than try to look at and steer their own thoughts and feelings.




Praja was of course very aware about the fact that this is difficult for untrained people, and that millions are suffering much more in their soul than is necessary. Suffering is sometimes necessary to learn and to grow, to gain deeper mental understanding and deeper understanding of other people’s problems, so that you can better help them. It is true that those who suffer most, later can become the best helpers for others. You can not help others who suffer if you don’t know what suffering, just as little as you can cook a meal when you don’t know how to make a fire.

So what hand-out did Praja give to all people? Well, she gave religion and meditation (or deep thinking and feeling about true things). Religion, whatever religion exists or has existed on earth, always tells us that in our essence, deep within ourselves, there is an immortal being – that we are in our deepest essence that immortal being, and that all other things, like thoughts and feelings and energies and bodies are constantly changing and disappearing and reappearing. But our deepest essence – we have called it our (invisible) heart, which is intimately connected with Adi’s heart – is immortal. It is not bothered by being born and dying, by the pleasure and pain and frustrations and depressions and happinesses that our personal, individual minds create. If we understand only this – that we have a living immortal essence of universal wisdom and knowledge and consciousness – all psychological suffering becomes futile. All religions I know of have taught this in one way or another, because all religions (whatever rubbish and nonsense people may have made of it later) derive from one universal religion which has always existed but has no particular name, and always works on the background. So, after reading this you should feel really happy, really unconcerned, not let down by any problems, because you know that problems are only the homework for your mind and feelings to help answer the Big Question of who you really are.

Perhaps you feel relieved now. But tomorrow, or even quicker, you have forgotten all this, because you have not become used to such a way of thinking yet. That is why we should repeat it for ourselves constantly, every day again, until it becomes the habit of our mind and feelings to be very stable and unshakeable in it, in your genuine faith that this inner immortal and wise and beautiful and ever joyful essence really exists. Even if you have only a rational mind or a scientific mind, and a wisdom mind has not yet sufficiently awakened in you to be of use, so that you are unable to prove to your mind’s satisfaction that such an immortal essence exists, you can already start to believe it. Even if you cannot proof something and do not understands it, it might be true and you can decide to belief it. Millions of people in all cultures have believed it, and found it confirmed later. But don’t deceive yourself by calling this ‘true’ before you really understand it (otherwise you might become a blind believer). And if later you would find it is not true, you can still discard it.

It is difficult for many people to understand that there is an immortal essence, a real heart, and therefore many religions have tried to place this ‘top principle’ outside ourselves. Then they gave it a name like God or Allah or Great Spirit or something else. But the wise and great mystics in all religions have understood that God or Allah or the Great Spirit (etc.) is in every being, including yourself, in everything that exists, in everything that is around you in the whole universe and in yourself. Seeking it within yourself is easier than seeking it outside yourself, because you are part of everything, and if you put some God of gods outside yourself, you regard yourself as separate from all other things in the universe. They all found that you can listen to the silent voice of God or, even better, the inner silent voice.

Once we realize that our essence never perishes, and that thoughts and feelings and births and deaths just come and go continuously, why should we be frustrated about anything ever? Even if you can not solve a problem in your whole life, it will be solved when you die or in one of your next lives. Because immortality always survives everything, including death itself – that is why they call it immortality.

So that is the meaning of meditation: To make your busy mind and feelings as quiet as possible and think and feel of that only, that what you really are and what always remains and always accumulates all that is beautiful in your soul during life. In that way, even our immortal essence learns and evolves – like when Adi threw out his Big Question. When it is answered Adi will still be ‘him’self (in reality he, the highest truth, has no gender of course) will be the same as he was before, but aware of a part of ‘him’self of which he was not aware when he entered the elevator in the tower in the beginning of this series of wisdom-stories.

Meditation does not depend on how you sit or lay or stand, or whether your eyes are open or closed (though closed is easier of course) or what room you are in, but it is helpful if your body and environment are as quiet and pure and clean as possible, not distracted, no hurry, no time pressure, at least as little as possible, so that you will come to feel completely at one with your immortal essence. But you can do it everywhere, even in an airplane, train or car (unless you are the driver), even while you are working on something that does not occupy your whole mind, or in the city, and, especially in nature. Meditation becomes a habit of the mind, if you are genuinely interested in where you meditate on. Because in that case it is an aspect of your own question. When you are really interested, you will quietly ponder all sides of the object – but it should be a spiritual interest, not a material or selfish one, and not cramped, and not in the form of acceptance and refutation. It comes quietly, happily, naturally. Don’t force anything. Do it yourself – you don’t need a guru to meditate (some gurus are good but others are making you even more confused than you were before you began) and it doesn’t depend on your age. Even if you are over ninety it is still a good beginning for your future life. Actually this meditation should always on the background of whatever you think and do in life. Could be in the train, at school, at work or while climbing a mountain.

If you practice this, it is improbable that you will ever have to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist, and even visits to physicians will rarely or never occur. So why not try?

Only a few people in the world will read this page or similar advice. Of the ones who read it only a few will follow it up. And of the ones who follow it up, many may forget it after a few days. It’s a pity, because it would really help everyone and humanity to become happier and make a step forward towards spirituality. Many psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians and pharmacists may lose their jobs, but everyone will be happier.

Another great meditation, and at the same time daily practice – and at the same the other side of the above meditation, you can do for all those who do not do the above meditation. It is equally beneficial: Just try to calm your mind and feelings and body (or wait till you feel that these are naturally calm – forcing works inverted), and think that all you do and think and say in life should always be for the good of all other beings, especially people. By meditating and thinking like this daily and trying to practice it throughout the day, week, month, year, lifetime etc. you turn into a very compassionate being. Your wisdom will naturally grow. Naturally, without having to give away any of your own happiness, you will become helpful, unselfish and quiet of mind. And you become more and more skilled and intuitive (rather than rational) as to how to be a little force on the good side of the world. Just repeat for yourself, silently or aloud: “I am here to help all living beings wherever I meet them and also for those I don’t meet. Let them be happier, wiser and kinder.” In that way you can build an inner attitude of kindness, wisdom and helpfulness without forcing yourself. It comes naturally.

In this way everyone you meet, even if you do not especially think of it, will be benefited and become happier (or at least less depressive or angry, etc. ) by your mere presence. You can do it.




Ethics is the highest science. It is the understanding of the spiritual and eternal laws of the universe, and the study of the practical implications for life and society.

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