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Adi and Praja

Chapter 8

Issue 91: Ecology

When we understand that, we will not only study living beings, but also love them, respect them, help them and regard them as our teachers. We will listen to the wise ones, and be a good example for the less wisely developed beings of nature.




The real meaning of Ecology, another very important branch of biology, is closely linked with evolution. Ecology studies how living beings interact and experience each other, and how they make use of each other’s qualities and energies. How they send out energies and feelings and thoughts, and how they transfer them to others. Not only chemical molecules, but real sympathies and affections are constantly exchanged. Extended ecology would also includes beings such as humans and animals and others which have died, and now live and experience worlds invisible for our eyes, and invisible beings that never die. They live in their own worlds of consciousness, which are at least as valid as the one we are used to at this moment.

Apart from dead people and animals and other creatures, nature is full of devas, divinities, but in evolution far below humankind, because they have no self-consciousness and are always servants of a hierarch of their class. They have a very important function in ecology. It is said that there is no square inch that is not teeming with live. That is why we can, for example, experience so many different subtle feelings when we are in nature – and unexplained pleasant or unpleasant feelings elsewhere. Feelings are beings, thoughts are beings. But also the forces of nature, like thunderstorms, volcanoes, tornado’s, small, whirlwinds, and many other phenomena in nature have their own existence, with a heart and a consciousness, including the entities which we know as electricity, gravity, strong an weak nuclear forces, are living beings. They are not blind forces. They are part of the whole ecological network of conscious beings, to which all animals, microbes, planets, minerals, humans etc. belong. The only thing is that they have no physical bodies. But they are just as alive as we are. They have no self-conscious mind, no wisdom, no responsibility, no awareness of good or evil. But we humans have all these things, and animals and plants have feelings. But nothing is so influential in these worlds as mind – our mind – and therefore it is said that accumulations of bad human thoughts are the ultimate cause of earthquakes and other natural violence and disasters. These things are not the result of blind forces, but the result of living forces – and that is why there are rare people on the world who can communicate with the god of a volcano, and why animals change their behavior, because they feel something (without understanding why) – before an earthquake or volcanic eruption, and why some humans dream of them in advance.

There are divine thoughts also, divine forces, divine beings, who at the top of the hierarchy of these forces of nature ‘organize’ nature. Without them, the atmosphere, the biosphere, geological processes, the growth of plants and the other physical beings, could not exist. The world would be as dead (or even more dead) than an air-conditioned room in a closed system. There would be no meteorological processes, no winds, rains, no heat, no body. It would be like that if we decided to live on the moon – who is really dead, like a corps.

It is all one big, experiencing, conscious, evolving organism. Modern science has discovered that even billions of the tiniest one-celled creatures play an important role in maintaining the balance of the atmosphere, of waters and the hard earth itself – and, even though these tiny (or bigger) creatures themselves don’t know it (they have no real mind, except humans) – their work is so crucial that if they had stopped even once in the history of the life on earth, life would also have ceased to exist here, and could certainly not have developed like it did without that help. This is not difficult to understand if we accept that all hearts and minds are connected with, actually an aspect or part of Adi’s heart and mind. Ecology is really a very interesting study, because so many facts in it are not yet known to modern science.

Strictly, astrology could also be included in ecology, because planets and other things above the sky are also conscious and helpful and evolving beings. Nature is like one grand orchestra and choir of playing and singing beings, which produce a grand symphony of which we humans at present can hear only a tiny little bit. Actually, all this should be read before one gets biology lessons at school, and then, when some of us become biologists, we can see whether the details we find in nature fit into this large theory or vision of Praja. It could be an assignment for the next generation of biologists – those who are now still children. It will change the whole of humanity, of human behavior, of human attitudes for the better – but no doubt that will take time, centuries, even ages – and in the future we will understand much and much more than we do at present, always more and deeper and more beautiful. What do you think about it?

So that is all for now about biology as Praja saw and knew and taught it.


We can be shorter about geology. It is concerned with the mineral kingdom. We have talked about it under biology already. The mineral kingdom is not very active in these days, only occasionally there is an earthquake or a volcanic eruption and a few other things. It is not like in the hoary past, in the young stages of our planets, when stone was hot and fluid and moving and mixing and crystallizing and dissolving again, and how the situation is perhaps on some other planets or their satellites. No human, animal or plant could live in those days. We can hardly see that minerals are living beings, because they don’t move, procreate of evolve. But that has been very different, when the hearts of the minerals actively stirred the physical atoms and formed bodies for themselves out of them, bodies which they could change according to their inner evolution.

Minerals on the moon are even more dead than minerals on earth. That means, they are really dead, they are only falling apart. Because of their stiff, inert nature that process takes many millions of years. Minerals are mainly actively alive nowadays on invisible planets, and I think in the sun and some captures or natural satellites of large planets and on or inside some of the large planets themselves in our solar system. Also the earth itself is active inside. If we look through our telescopes, on many different wavelengths, we see that the mineral kingdom is extremely active in many places in the universe, and produces energies or pulses of energies continuously – some of which ultimately reach our astronomical instruments. In fact, geology is only a very small aspect of biology, but because minerals are so inert in our direct environment – the surface of the earth, the moon and nearby planets, most people do not even regard them as life, and study only dead bodies called sand, stone, clay, water, etc. etc., and their properties for practical and industrial use.




Geography means ‘describing the earth’. Modern geography teaches were all the countries, cities, villages, rivers, seas, lakes and mountains are. Also

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