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Adi and Praja

Chapter 8

Issue 86: Biology

She initiated more sciences than astronomy and astrology. There should come a science for every possible line of inquiry, she thought.




Bios means life, and logos means science or word, in Greek. So biology is the science of life. We all live, every creature lives, and therefore there is no greater science than understanding life. Astrology was the science of outer influences from planets or their deities and other celestial deities. They are all related to the different aspects of our being, such as our mind, emotions, feelings, intuition etc. But biology is about life itself, what it is, and how it works itself out in millions and billions and trillions of different forms and individual consciousnesses. Praja could actually see all the streams of life, not only inside the bodies all these living beings, but also the streams of energies between each of them, and between the energies coming from elsewhere in the solar system or galaxy or universe. She could see in which direction the living energies were streaming, where they were attracted to, and were to were repelled from. She could see their colors and frequencies and hear their sounds. She could see and hear harmonies and sometimes disharmonies. She could see and hear details wherever she focused, but also the larger ground tones to which they listened to and harmonized with. And of course she saw all the varieties of species, their characters, their characteristics which already had developed, characteristics which were developing just now, and characteristics that are still latent, but will develop and become perfected in the future. She also understood why. And, looking at human beings, who had a mind to think about all these things, she knew and saw that their minds were very much in a beginning stage of development. They had a mind, the mind-quality had been awakened in them by Adi, but still humans would need many millions of years to develop their minds completely to highest perfection. She could impossibly teach the deepest understanding of life-science or biology to those undeveloped human beings (which are we). But she give us true hints, and it would be our homework for thousands of lifetimes of rebirth and dying and rebirth again to enjoy, and to develop ourselves.

The most important, she thought, was to try to make clear what ‘life’ itself actually is. Life is in every visible and invisible living being. So where does it come from, what is it? Life is in your body, isn’t it? Life is also in your feelings. Life is also in your thinking, because that is why feelings and thoughts are always moving and going from one place to another. So life is the one thing that all living beings have in common – however different they may be in outlook and character. Whether you take a daisy or a crocodile, a thought or a feeling, a sapphire or a fairy or a spark of fire, an atom, a solar system, a galaxy, a quark or a boson, it has life, it moves, has consciousness and some special powers (like using sunlight to produce oxygen, or being able to climb a tree, or to grow, move, evolve, enjoy). Where does it come from? This answer has not yet been answered even by the greatest scientists. But it has been answered by the greatest yogi’s, and by gods and other highly developed beings.

We have talked many times about Adi, and the heart of Adi, and how all beings have issued forth from the heart of Adi, and carry a part of his heart within themselves. And because they all have essentially the same heart, all beings are one in essence. This is what very living being has. Not every being has a mind of its own (plants don’t have that, for example)), or feelings which we would be able to recognize as such, like minerals, and minerals have hardly any active vitality like plants have, and animals even more, and humans even more (in their mental activity) and gods even more (in their supramental activity). So we may conclude that two things are sure: every living being has a heart and every living being has life. So it seems that ‘heart’ and ‘life’ have much to do with each other. Actually, life is just the energies streaming forth or emanating from the heart. Life has a direction and powers and therefore moves, whereas the heart has the wisdom and compassion and love-consciousness, but without its energies it can not do anything.

The life of living beings is already there before they have a body, even before there is an egg or sperm cell. Life cannot be killed. And when a body has formed, the life force runs through it everywhere. There are tens of thousands of energy channels in our body, which run everywhere, even to the point of our big toe or the top of our head. All of them have their special functions. They are also very well organized. There are knots in the body, along the spine, from where bundles of energy channels go in all directions, and steer the processes in our body, like breathing, digestion and all the other processes in the body, even the process of dying. Dying is something that is dome purposely by life itself! It is a very complex and sophisticated process in which the dying person goes through all kinds of experiences of light and thoughts.

Somebody who really has genuine knowledge about the streams of energy through the body, can heal many diseases. If, for some reason, a person has been living disharmoniously, by taken the wrong foods, doing wrong physical yoga exercises, breathing heavily polluted air from for example tobacco or city pollution, or – what is by far the most important of all causes – thinking in wrong ways (like hating other living beings or build up an angry, jealous, sensual or otherwise bad character), the energy streams, called pranas, don’t flow regularly anymore, and may be blocked in certain places while other parts of the body become deprived of them, or get to much of them. Then all kinds of pains and disorders, like cancer, may arise, and when such disorders arise physically, when somebody already has cancer or any other disease it is actually already too late – even if doctors manage to save them. You can try by all means to suppress the disease and live on without problems for many years, but actually a person like that is acting against nature, against life, because life itself wanted the body to die, and not be bothered by the burden of a sick or worn-out body anymore. All the energies or pranas in our body (and also the energies running outside our own bodies through the universe, like the ‘cords’ of energy which connect the planets and thus are the energies of astrology) are ultimately all steered by mind. If the mind is positive and creative, beautiful things happen: a healthy body, a healthy planet, and always having a feeling of happiness. You see in nature, animals in wild nature eat natural foods, have natural movements, and always seem to be happy (unless something terrible occurs, like arrival of a hunter). It is because nature is compassionate enough to take care that all living beings are naturally happy. Except humans with evil minds. Every human being has the power to feel the life force everywhere in their body, and as soon as one notices obstructions in the flow, one should be aware and change oneself, eliminating bad tendencies which are the cause. If you would understand this, we will never be sick.


The real knowledge about the pranas or energy-streams is a science, and much study and practice are necessary to understand them. Because of their intimate relation with mind and feelings, pranas should always be seen in connection with that. Doctors who know this science thoroughly, can work medical miracles. But knowledge of the pranas and their round-turning invisible knots know as chakras – wheels of energy – can influence consciousness also, and lead to special experiences and insights. Some yogi’s practice that. They stimulate particular energies, or use meditative or magical methods to arouse particular energies. But they forget perhaps that all pranas come really from the heart, which is an aspect of Adi’s heart, and which is wiser and more intelligent than all doctors and yogi’s in the world together, and that even the best of the doctor’s or yogi’s knowledge is limited by their own mental capacity, and thus are polluted by a certain measure of ignorance, and also polluted by their own moral imperfections (For example, a vegetarian should never be treated by a non-vegetarian, and nobody should ever subject himself or herself for healing to a sensual person). Even when such doctors and yogi’s can help at the moment and for some time, if your mind and emotions do not change, the evil is only accumulated and will cause a worse problem later – perhaps worse in the same form, or in some other form. The best thing we can when we study biology, is to respect nature in all her ways – because every single being has the heart of Adi within: respect ecology, respect evolution, respect astrology, respect the attunements and harmonies between planets and herbs and minerals and the organs and parts of the human body, respect the natural flows of energy. Even if we die, this is the wise decision of our heart. And if we are ill, it is a sign that we have to change something in ourselves – and the disease itself it the best helper to do that, though not always smooth and kind – because we ourselves have not always been smooth and kind in our mind and feelings.

Praja knew all these things and much more, and would have never taught anything about this part of the life sciences if she wouldn’t have had the compassionate wish to soften the terrible conditions under which many people suffer. If people were wise, and listened to Adi’s teachings, nobody would suffer. But, that being a fact, it is also because people have wrong ideas about nature and divine wisdom, and become afraid and lose all courage. A real hero is not even afraid of death when it comes naturally, because he knows that his heart never dies. Even his subtle, high mind is not hampered by death. But ultimately and in reality we can only save ourselves, cure ourselves and we can prevent almost all forms of suffering when we use our sane and clear mind, which is free of fear, free of denial, free of profit-thinking.

In any case, every medical science and practice should be a part of the knowledge of biology, and the nature of harmony and natural processes. It should be compassionate throughout, and we should, at least in the future strive to do so, never make use of poisons or other destructive means to kill parts of our body. Preventing is better that to have to cure. Whether medical science is based on knowledge of herbs, minerals (especially gems), energy streams, subtle bodies or treatment of emotional disharmonies, it should always be keep in mind, that the heart, our real being, is the wisest, and decides in wisdom about disease and life and death. That is why some people say that ‘God’ decides about disease and death and life. There is infinite wisdom behind all.


(The biology of dying)

The biology of dying: Death as a part of life-sciences.

You will not find many biology books that talk about dying. Still, actually they should.

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