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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue 81: The cursed idol

You saw that temple, and against everyone’s advice you looked at it, you felt attracted to it and went to it before anyone could stop you. You didn’t notice the shocked faces of your friends and passersby.


(the cursed idol)

There was no door, so you looked inside and saw an idol, or rather a formless black stone, entirely desolate, without the flowers and grains or seeds or colored powders or pieces of cloth you see normally at altars and around idols. Nobody had offered anything to that deity for at least many generations, or perhaps never. You were as nailed to the ground. On the background you heard desperate shouts of your friends urging you to come back and warning you that you would become bewitched. But you didn’t pay attention to them. You didn’t want to go back. Your attention was completely captivated by the dark idol. The black formless stone seemed to radiate and expand, and when the light streaming forth from it touched you, your entire feeling changed. You felt a greatness, a happiness, a devotion, as you had never felt before. You didn’t feel like someone standing there alone off the road looking at some idol, but you felt that you were part of a whole universe and you felt that you were offered the opportunity to enter a path which would lead you to great wisdom and power to help, and that this path was called the path of compassion. Not because anyone was telling you that, not that there was a written note (she could not read anyway) but that is how it felt: pure compassion for you and for everyone and everything else, and that, when you became part of that, everything would change, your life, your future, and moreover that you would have to suffer more sorrow – this suffering being a natural ingredient in learning to understand and relieve sorrow of others. And you took that decision, there, at that time, at that temple, some 14,000 years ago.”

Beauty, having forgotten that she was just sitting in a railway restaurant, asked him: “And what happened next? Did I meet you?. “No, … or rather, yes,” he answered. “It was me who had created that little temple many centuries before. Through a particular ritual that was known to very few people in that period of time and has now been completely forgotten, and through pronouncing some sounds, I connected myself with that idol forever, at least for many thousands of years to come. I consecrated it, and whenever somebody approached it, I would know, wherever I was, even thousands of miles away. I didn’t want to be disturbed in my work and my meditations every time when somebody out of mere curiosity or habit would go and have a look there. So I had spread around some eerie stories, which were true in essence, and in fact not-at-all eerie in themselves, but enough to prevent the superstitious people of that land to even look at the temple. Moreover I had cast a spell over the temple, that, if despite the stories, somebody with impure heart would come close to the temple, he or she would suddenly become very afraid, and make him ‘see’ and believe that the stories were ‘true.’ It happened several times, but in the last three generation nobody had come. Until you came – the first person with the right psychology and a pure heart.” “But,” she said “- I do not want to annoy you, but where did we meet?” “Right there,” he said. “Only you did not see me. You only saw that black idol, and as soon as I arrived it started radiating and apparently expanding. But I saw you clearly. And all the feelings you had while looking at that idol, were me. So you met me, and gave me your word.” I understand what you mean,” she said – “but my mind really can’t handle it.” And she concluded: “Oh, you lived in a village not far from that temple, and you came immediately when you felt the vibrations through that stone.” “Kind of,” he answered. “I felt the vibrations, but I was more than a thousand miles away from that spot.” “Then how could you …” There he interrupted her and said: “There are many things you still have to learn. I will guide you, and we will meet many times again. Adieu Beauty.” And before she could answer he was gone. His chair was empty. Nobody walked out of the door. But she felt that someone loved her more than any man can ever love a woman, or a woman a man. Instead, the messenger came through the door. She needed assistance to go home – she hadn’t brought her walking stick. He took her in his car and brought her home, and he said goodbye to her: “I leave you now, my brother, and we will meet many times in the future, because we are pupils of the same school.” And he left. The fact that he called her, a woman, by the name of ‘brother’ opened her eyes. She understood now that she had belonged to a great brotherhood since 14,000 years, in which the gender of the physical body has no meaning at all. She might have lived many times on earth since then, sometimes in a male, sometimes in a female body. It was her soul, not her body, which was a member of that brotherhood of eternal service to the good cause of humanity and all that lives. Her story is just one example of many stories – there have been and are many people all around the earth in all times, who are just as she is – though everyone has their own history, their own work to do, and all of them may look outwardly very different.

The last year of her life she spent happily. Nobody allowed her to do further physical work, but many came, just to be in her presence. She became 80 and died peacefully in her sleep, in the house she had lived her whole life. Because she slept she did not suffer, but just had a vivid dream in which she saw her whole life pass by, all what she had experienced, had done, including the many mistakes she had made however much she had been trying not to make mistakes. Now, while dying, she could laugh about some of her stupidities, especially those when she was young. She knew better now. Everything passed before her eyes, every client, every talk she had had, she saw Martin and many others who had especially impressed her. Also she now fully remembered the experiences in the music room, and what she had seen and felt at that time. One thought stayed with her till the very last – and it became her last thought before she fell in a swoon, a dreamless sleep, for some time. That was the girl who had wanted to do all possible evil, loved to visit graveyards, and wanted to become an evil ghost – in which she fully succeeded. And her very last thoughts were the soundless words spoken to her by the invisible Mr. M. during her experience in the music room. He had said ‘that it all depended on her – (but not at this moment).’

Even Beauty’s death was beautiful.

She had never been out of the country – but she had visited some of the heavens as well as some hells. She has great work to do in the future.


(science, and that which is always true)

Praja’s Third Dream continued. But is went along entirely different lines. Instead of watching and inspiring stones, trees, animals and people, she began to take decisions and make plans in her dream. Now it really gets interesting ! This part of the dream plays in a time when people just began to really think for the first time – a very, very long time ago.

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