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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue 72: The colors of the people

Real good people, if they are sure of what they are doing, have no weak spots, because they always know that what they are doing is right. So people who don’t lie, and are not angry and have no bad thoughts have nothing to fear.


(The Colors of the People)

But you may say: even good people may be wounded or killed in accidents or through diseases, or they may be falsely accused, may even be killed – like Socrates or Giordano Bruno. So the fact that they are good in many respects does not protect them fully. But they can only be hurt physically, not spiritually. Giordano Bruno was still ‘happy’ when they burned him, and Socrates voluntarily drank the poison of his death sentence without being in the least nervous – not even a second. That is because they know that they can never die. Their body can be burnt or poisoned or destroyed, but they themselves can never be destroyed. Fear for death is what almost all people have. But it is really nonsense. All people and animals have an inbuilt survival instinct, and that’s enough to protect you against dangers. But fear for death comes from the mind because we have heard terrible stories about a hell after death, or that you just stop existing and there is ‘nothing’ after death. Then, were you also ‘nothing’ before you were born? Was that awful? All these stories are just stories and theories. But people who have experience with death and have been dead and can remember, tell completely different stories. What we call ‘life’ on earth, in a body, is only a very small part of a great cycle of life which often takes hundreds or thousands of years, and actually what we call life on earth is usually the least pleasant part of it. In the greater part of that cycle of life – hundreds or thousands of years minus the years you are on Earth and perhaps some decades after that, suffering does not exist. Praja knows all that very well. Therefore she is most bothered about people and animals and other creatures who have a body on earth, who are afraid because they can not see the whole cycle. Afraid of what? They don’t even know of what. Maybe being dead is much nicer than being on Earth: no pain, no fear for death, only feelings and thoughts are there, because you have no restrictions. And if you have good feelings and thoughts, being dead is much happier than being here on Earth. But if you have very often very bad feelings and thoughts – like hating someone – being dead is even worse than being on Earth, at least for some time. The real ‘you’ never dies. And ‘you’, who are nothing but the precise result of your self-made past, comes back to Earth every time again, as long as you find something here that you like. If you like nothing here, you don’t come back. But as long as all your questions are not answered and remain ignorant, you will always come back – because you yourself are a Big Question – of which all the other questions are only small parts. So what could Praja do? She can send people to earth which assist her, and go to the people and tell them just what I have told you now. You call that spirituality. Praja (as well as Adi) always tries to stimulate spirituality among the people. But just like cockroaches, most people won’t listen – they are too busy. So they create fears for themselves. Whereas instead they should learn to think for themselves and allow themselves only thoughts that would work good and pleasant results for other beings if these thoughts would actually happen. And they should use their mind for learning. Learning means that your mind touches something it has never touched before. Like feeling or tasting something you have never felt or tasted before. What people usually call learning, like at school, is mainly memorizing. So try to think in the direction of what you don’t know yet: think vertically instead of horizontally – because in the last case you always remain on the same (stupid) level. Thinking vertically, towards higher or deeper truth, is real learning.

Let us now follow what Praja was experiencing in her dream when looking at the people on Earth. She was doing research to emotional suffering, the cause of it, and how best to prevent and counteract it. She saw all the millions of people. She saw their bodies, but more important was that she could see the colors of their thoughts and emotions, which were only visible in their stardust bodies. If she choose so she could, instead of seeing the colors, hear them as sounds. But whether colors of sounds, she perceived a gigantic chaos, an enormous rough and angry sea of colors or cacophony of sounds, often harsh and false. At some places it was awesome, but at most places it was awful to watch. Actually they filled the whole atmosphere of the Earth, even out into space around the planet. She saw that the dominating colors were somewhat different on different parts of the Earth where people lived, some places being more quiet and beautiful than others, but on a whole it was all a big turmoil. It didn’t give her a pleasant feeling: it looked much like air pollution, but much worse en denser, and constantly moving and changing. She had to concentrate on a few people only, and even that was not easy, because everything was constantly changing. Many colors were dark, such as brown, at times even almost dull black, and others were gloomy like a grey sky. She saw fierce spikes of red and dark yellow, and calmer green colors, but often of an ugly green, however sometimes brighter. It was only occasionally that she saw really beautiful things. Because she could see all times as she wished, she saw that there were dark ages and lighter ages, in which everything had a golden shine – but from our present point of view that was a long time ago – and a long time in the future. All these colors represented thoughts and feelings of people. And she saw that the people in general were not very happy, down to extremely unhappy and depressed. All this was the result of the fact that people had been given a mind – but most of them didn’t know yet how to use it properly. Many thoughts, whether ugly or beautiful, had quite a strong energy, and had quite some power to influence the atmosphere of thought around the Earth for better or worse. Even the good people on Earth necessarily had to breathe in that heavily polluted thoughts-atmosphere – sometimes it was almost choking for them. Some people had withdrawn to the highest mountains to escape the depressing influence of that atmosphere – but by doing that they couldn’t do much good either. Praja had to have a closer look at some individuals, and to see as with microscope eyes what took place within them. She saw that from some thoughts issued big spikes, as if to harm others. And they did harm. She saw people ‘dressed’ in fierce red colors, and purple and dark pink and lilac and they were completely taken by sexual desire. She also saw pink colors of kind love. And dark brown colors of people whose thoughts were completely materialistic. The thoughts had forms also. Some had tentacles and clung desperately to something the people had created themselves, but was not really real. Other thoughts had hooks and tried to draw others towards them. Again others had jaws and claws. But there were also thoughts that were light and warm and protective. Some even were light blue – and these belonged to the happiest people. The dark green ones belonged to the brain-mind people. Roughly classified there were three kinds of thought: dark ones with blunt forms, bright ones with round, radiating forms, and in between their were all kinds of colors, often with sharp and fierce weapon-like extensions as well as neutral ones which were mostly greenish and concentrated in themselves. You will understand that all these thoughts were connected with emotions. The gloomy ones with depression, the fierce ones with desire and hatred and aggression – many of them looked somewhat like cartoon figures – and the neutral ones with a mind with few emotions, just wanting to know things because of the knowing of them; and there were the beautiful ones with spirituality.



There was another very big difference between the first three categories, which were linked to physical and stardust matter, or to logic only, on one side, and the last category, the spiritual, which all the time tries to move upwards.

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