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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue 58: Harmonize your mind

Disharmony in what one thinks leads to unpleasant emotions, and then to unpleasant feelings in the body, and then to disease. Of course all these things could be prevented if one pays attention to what happens in the mind, emotions and body.


(Harmonize your Mind !)

You may ask, why do we think disharmonious things at all? We know that it is stupid, still we are repeating it all the time. Why? Just like a smoker every time again takes a cigarette even though he knows it’s unhealthy. It is because every thought and feeling is a living being which asks for attention. If we give it this attention it will feel happy and come back – a little bit stronger than last time. Originally they were attracted and took birth by our mind, that was the first time now. The “happiness” or desire which belongs to that thought or feeling is what captures us, and if we don’t use our better mind we allow it to get what it wants. It is just as with a “friend” who always comes to visit you and always eats most of your food, or drinks your beer, or steals things – and still you don’t know how to keep him out. Perhaps because in a way you like him or her also. Perhaps you hope that one day he or she will better their life. But thoughts and feelings are beings who consist of themselves only, and who can never change their own life for the better – because in themselves they are no evil beings – they are only evil because humans allow them to stay and do their work. And you take another cigarette, or become angry or irritated or impatient or decide something for the pleasure of yourself (actually their pleasure) again in your weak moments, maybe at the cost or displeasure of others. Just stop them, don’t allow them to come in, ignore them – and if necessary, resist them. That last thing is not easy though. But after some time they will not come again, or only occasionally – but beware: some are so mean that they wait till you have forgotten them and then suddenly show up in a weak moment. If you don’t answer their wish at that moment, they’ll make you depressive or irritable – until you have overcome that also. If you are not a hero, or only half a hero – or if you are quite a hero but want to conquer too much at the same time it may take a long time (just because you want to show yourself that you are a hero) and lead to much disappointments, frustrations, depressions – dis-harmonies and painful situations). Only when you are in control you will lead a healthy and happy and stable life. Never control others, but control your own thought and feeling beings, and let the good ones be your friends and guests. You can grow and evolve yourself by happy and harmonious thinking and feeling better than by unhappy and evil feelings, but even in the way of suffering you can learn and grow and evolve inwardly, though it is the hard way and bears indescribably awful risks. Then you will come into all kinds of trouble, and then, the pain and trouble and disease will stimulate you to become more truthful and compassionate. The only reason for which one may take trouble on oneself is if one chooses so consciously in order to help someone else or many others. People who do that ultimately become gods of wisdom and compassion themselves.


If you have trouble staying in harmony, than harmonize your mind first. Whenever you think of something disharmonious, harmful, stressful: stop them. Just drop the thought. And replace it by beautiful thoughts: like real sympathy for people or animals or plants, or listening to really harmonious and beautiful music, or see beautiful art, Second best: imagine it in your mind; or third best: on TV, internet or books etc. It helps you to keep diseases and bad thoughts away. Or go to silent Nature. If you can go to silent nature where there are (almost) no other people around, and no traffic, and there only look and listen and smell and feel while your mind is as silent as Nature herself, you will learn that there is more harmony in the universe than you ever knew before. Whatever work or study or activity you do: spend some time on harmonizing.

If you think of a disease you have, or might possibly get and have fear: simply drop it. Think of health only: this alone can cure most diseases. But even if you or somebody else might die from disease, don’t worry: death may be much more harmonious and relaxed than your life. Nature always knows what she does and what is best for people and animals and other beings. She has billions of years of experience and is drenched from top to bottom in Praja’s compassion. All suffering comes from creating disharmony with wisdom and compassion.

Another type of “disease” comes from accidents. Accidents can also happen to harmonious people who think good, eat good, drink good. Accidents have a cause also. They can have many obvious reasons, like irresponsible driving, drunkenness, being too stoned, bad eyes, tiredness, technical failures, unexpected things like animals or people crossing roads without looking and natural disasters like avalanches, tsunamis, landslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, falling stones and many other things. But all these sudden events are not the real causes. The causes were made in the past, maybe lifetimes ago by your own mind and action. All the time you were creating your own character. And all the time you were starting new history-lines for yourself – many very good ones and some bad ones. Who commits violence will later receive violence, for example by an accident which is by its history-line connected with an act of violence of the one committed that act, such as causing injury or murder. If you get an accident, even if you die from it, it is not like a disease, but like healing: your mind and emotion are suddenly raised to top level, and immediately you learn to see the world differently. From now on your circumstances of life are different. This helps you to understand things that otherwise you might have never understand – but deep within yourself there was an unanswered question which you wanted to have answered, or that had to be answered to change your character in a good way. But even then you have the choice to change your character for the worse: for example by hating the person or circumstances that seemed to be the cause of the accident: the other driver, the villain, or Nature. An accident is an opportunity which can be grasped or missed.

We will continue Praja’s dream further on, but first I like to tell you another story about Shano.


(Shano and Marico)

Shano and Marico

As an example I will tell you another story of the past lives of Shano, some ten lifetimes or more than four thousand years ago, long before the life in which he committed suicide.

Shano was living in a village of only a few hundred houses

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