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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue57: Channels of energy

In most cases it could have been prevented.


(Channels of energy)

In Japan and China a system of keeping the balance was taught based on the fact that everything has two sides. They called these two sides yin and yang, and it applies to everything that exists in Nature.  So if you have too much yin, eat and drink more yang and less yin, or if you have to much yang, eat and drink less yang and more yin.1 In China (and also in other Asian countries) they developed a system know as acupuncture – it balances energy-streams in your body. We humans beings, including our body and mind, consist of five ‘elements’ or rather basic properties, they say (earth, wood, metal, fire, and air). These can be in balance or not in balance. Every part of the skin of your body – and also the skin of your foot sole and your auricle, is connected through energy lines which run through energy channels called meridians. These invisible but very true energy lines connect points on the surface of your body which can be felt or electrically measured. So every organ or small part of your body  is connected by an energy-line with one particular point on your skin), and if you prick this point with a metal needle or a point giving off a small electric current, or by merely pressing on that point with your finger, this energy – called chi (pronounce: chee) in Chinese – goes streaming and thus removes or adds energy where it is necessary. If the doctor has determined your imbalance, for example by feeling your pulse and looking at young tongue, he can influence the energy stream to and from points and organs, and thus restore balance. For example headache may vanish immediately, but other ailments require repeated acupuncture or acupressure or, nowadays, electro-acupuncture treatments: they just press on or put a very this needle point in the right acupuncture points – and sometimes they even put some burning plant material on the needle, so that the heat will help the action. This can be accompanied by healthy diet and herbal medicine. A regular check up can prevent much pain and disease – if you follow the doctor’s advice. No expensive chemical medicine and doctors depending on powerful pharmaceutical companies are needed where acupuncture or balanced diet, behavior and thinking can help. You can be your own doctor and health adviser if you only use your sane mind, and occasionally apply such methods as described above.In this way many patients are relieved from pain immediately, or by restoring balance in that energy system so-called diseases disappear. The cause of disease and pain is unbalance, or disturbance of balance, and in these ways can be restored if the unbalance is not too great. If the unbalance in a body has become too big, you die for the time being, and after some shorter or longer time you can build a new, healthy body.


AP 57 Chinese_meridians

Acupuncture energy lines

The energy lines and their points in the skin are invisible, but can be perceived by instruments which are sensitive for electricity. These energies exist in the matter of your body, but not in the visible, gross, part of this matter. What we can see as materials and fluids – like tissues and blood and lymph is only a part of the real materials and fluids. The other parts of the matter of each cell or molecule or atom or stone or plant is called etheric matter. It is just the more subtle part of matter which our eyes and instruments can not see, or only rarely and vaguely. But the invisible part of bodies, cells, molecules, atoms, even stars, and planets and all other living bodies is just as truly existent and important and active (or even more so) than gross, visible, so-called physical matter. It is actually in the ethereal or “higher” part of physical matter that those energy lines, and many herbs one uses as medicine, work. All such systems were taught to people and peoples many times in history, and even today there are many people in the world who know these things and have become expert healers, energy balancers and health advisers.

Some medical systems entirely work on the subtle side of matter. They only contain the invisible essence of plants, which work on the

Samuel Hahnemann, father of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann, father of Homeopathy

invisible sides of atoms and molecules and cells of the body. When the subtle part of your body accepts the harmonious vibrations of the plants or minerals which are vibrating with the forces of the planets, the harmony is recognized in your subtle body and restored – and eventually your physical body will also cure. But it works only on people who are themselves refined enough – not so much or not at all on those who have coarse and completely physical ways of life. Also their mind must be refined, otherwise they continuously create more disharmony than ever can be restored. Such healing methods are known as homeopathy, dicoverd by Mr. Hahnemann in which the soul-character of plants enters your subtle being, anthroposophic healing, which is related to homeopathy, but  extended by information from Rudold Steiner’s clairvoyant perceptions of the invisible worlds, Bach Flower Remedies, developed by Edward Bach in England (which are made of the subtle essence of living flowers from pure nature only, picked and treated kindly in the sun, bathed in pure water from nature – not water from the tap.) and others. Everything in Nature has a subtle power, which the coarse and ignorant human hands only destroy instead of apply. The forces which are extracted from the flowers are so subtle, that they work on and harmonize with your refined feelings in such a fine way that in the beginning you hardly notice the change within yourself.

Rudolf Steiner, father of Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner, father of Anthroposophy

As you see, all these methods inspired by Praja, the compassionate wisdom of Nature, try to restore harmony and dynamic balance within the great harmony of Nature. All Praja’s methods are based on her great knowledge of Nature, including invisible Nature, and her wisdom and compassion to apply these in the right way. In this ways the consciousness of the body and the cells and molecules and atoms is inspired to live together in a good way to be happy again, and most of all the humans (and animals) who live in these bodies. The harmony and happiness come from Praja’s Heart, which is the same as Adi’s Heart.

All these healing systems are mainly for those who didn’t listen to their silent voices inside themselves in the first place. Otherwise there would have been no disharmony and resulting diseases at all.

Edward Bach, father of Bach's flower remedies

Edward Bach, father of Bach’s flower remedies

Ultimately, and originally, most diseases which do not come from wrong habits and lifestyle, come fromthemind. As soon as the mind allows itself bad thoughts and involves itself in bad feelings such as jealousy, hatred, depression, anger, sensuality, pride, self-conceitedness and many other disharmonious things you can think of, this combination of mind and bad feelings releases energies that influence the etheric, invisible side of matter, and through this also living physical matter: your body. It may take it’s time, but if not curbed in time, ultimately the disharmony reflects itself in your body, and you become ill. Disharmony in what onethinks leads to unpleasant emotions, and then to unpleasant feelings in the body, and then to disease. Of course all these things could be prevented if one pays attention to what happens in the mind, emotions and body.



(Harmonize your Mind !)

You may ask, why do we think disharmonious things at all? We know that it is stupid, still we are repeating it all the time. Why?

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  1. See issue 55: Yin and Yang. []