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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue 55: Yin & Yang

Therefore driving out spirits and killing micro-organisms are methods meant for people with rather primitive minds, who are unable to live naturally, that is to cooperate with the good forces of Nature, including “spirits” up to all wisdom of Praja which is embodied in plants, minerals, the elements in your own bodies.


(Balance and Harmony: Yin and Yang)

But there have been (and will be) periods in human history when people lived more natural – before the invention of insecticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers (which unbalance the minerals and structure of the soil as well as the normal chemical processes within plant bodies) and when there was no air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, nuclear pollution, sound pollution made by humans in factories, through cars and other machines. But many centuries before that, cleanliness had already been abandoned, especially by people living in cities or in very poor circumstances. All this wouldn’t have been necessary if people would have used their sane mind – but often they didn’t, and don’t do it yet. It will come though, after a few generations. Actually, until today, many learned people, scholars, professors, thought (and still think) that their own mind was better than the mind in Nature (or Praja, or Adi, in which they didn’t believe at all), but that of course is pure haughtiness. 

Praja doesn’t like such things, because she sees how much unnecessary suffering humankind is inflicting on itself and the animals, plants and the Earth. But she also knows that this is only a passing phase of short duration – short means a few centuries, which is very little compared to the millions of years of development of the human mind. It is just one of the results of having a mind – until people learn better.

There were other times when people didn’t know much about anti-life chemistry (also called antibiotics) and germs, but when people were more spiritual. They understood that it is never right to save life by killing other life, because that is a spiritual understanding, not a scientific understanding. Killing always brings suffering, and spiritual people never want to cause suffering to any being in the whole universe anywhere. So these people understood that it was better to keep body and mind and feelings in balance, so that there would be no cause for disease. So Praja in those days sent intelligent people who were consciously connected with her Heart (which was the same as Adi’s  Heart) out to the common people of the Earth, and these good people designed advises of how to keep yourself balanced. Doctors in those days were not like modern doctors who develop strong and complex chemicals which have to be tested first on animals in laboratories, causing continuous suffering and pain and fear to animals all over the world – some of which are tortured in ways I do not even wouldn’t want to describe. This goes on even nowadays, sometimes 24 hours a day, and every single day of their life. Such doctors, apart from not listening to their own heart-minds, have of course never heard about the history-lines they create for themselves which run into there next life and lives, and will cause the same amount of suffering to themselves as they now inflict on others – even when they think they do that for the good of humanity. That good motivation is also there of course, and will create its own history-line, finally bringing them to a point of choice. Good doctors in ancient days avoided harm to any individual creature, because they immediately felt the suffering of animals, and also felt intuitively that all things in Nature including their own body, feelings and mind were connected in an enormously refined network, and that therefore no harm could be done – or even thought of – without harming all other creatures in some way. They studied and meditated and advised and medicated with the purpose of helping others, and the best help was to prevent unbalance. Doctors would sometimes only be paid as long as their clients (not patients!) were healthy. If a doctor’s client became ill he would perhaps be fired, because he had failed to give the right advice.

In the culture of most parts of the world in the twentieth and twenty-first century doctors come only when their clients have become patients – who already have a disease and pain – which means that they actually came a bit too late.

AP 55 Ying Yang

Yin-Yang symbol


In Japan and China a system of keeping the balance was taught based on the fact that everything has two sides, and that if you have too much of the one side and to little of the other side went together, there is unbalance, and that you have to keep the balance or restore it if necessary by right living, eating and drinking. They called these two sides yin and yang, and it applies to everything that exists in Nature. So if you have too much yin, eat and drink more yang and less yin, or if you have to much yang, eat and drink less yang and more yin. Very simple. But if nowadays you need experts to tell you how much yin, or yang you are and need to keep balance, and what is good food or drink for you. It also depends on the yinness and yangness of your country, your climate,your work and activity (mental or physical), and differs with each season, because some are hot and others are cold, or dry or humid, etc. Everything always continuously changes in Nature, and moves around a balance – two things or moments are never the same on Earth, in your mind and in your feelings. Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive; and is associated with water, earth, the moon, femininity and nighttime.Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, and aggressive; and is associated with fire, sky, the sun, masculinity and daytime.

George Ohsawa, born Yukikazu Sakurazawa, father of macrobiotics

This Japanese system of health through balanced food has come the western world is known as macrobiotics. If you develop a good intuition for this system you can be healthy and happy as long as you wish. You don’t need experts anymore. You can develop your own system. But if you follow false experts or half-experts, or companies with a financial self-interest, everything might go wrong and quite a few people in the westernized world – far away from the old Japanese wisdom – who did not really understand this lesson from the eastern part of the world, actually died became ill or even died by macrobiotic food. Always keep the middle way: don’t eat junk food (or as little as possible), avoid much sugary things and too many drinks and sweetened juices – which are extremes on the yin-yang scale, but also don’t starve yourself by one-sided foods (such as only brown rice and salty products) as has happened with some fanatics.



In India a system of restoring balance has developed called ayurveda – which means “knowledge of life.” It was described in the most ancient scriptures, but the system itself is probably older than the scriptures, and in ancient days taught in families of doctors from father to son or pupil.

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