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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue 54: Curing diseases

That is why all beings can help each other: all beings have everything, but it can be active or sleeping, latent. That is why plants and pets and stones can not help us with our exams or by giving speeches. But they can help us with our bodies and with our subtle bodies (which plants and other beings also have).


(Curing diseases)

Because Praja, who in her dreams had been a mineral, a plant, a human being and a god, knew all these things perfectly, she knew all the energies in all beings and how they streamed through their bodies and the whole universe. She also knew which planets and which minerals, and which plants (and even animals and humans) had developed energies and powers, so that they could help others. So the only thing Praja had to do was to teach the most intelligent among the people to use these energies to cure diseases and to make suffering less, without interfering with their free mind. 

AP 54 Microscopic Hydrothermic vent Tube worm head under e.microscope

As you understand, even for Praja this was a very difficult job, and she knew that it was going to take millions of years of her time. But because she knew her heart was immortal, just as yours, she never was in a hurry and she worked happily according to the rhythms of nature. She is always fully awake and full of love and responsibility – 24 hours a day, 365 (or 366) earthly days a year.

So she taught the people, besides many other things, a lot of different healing methods at different times in history and evolution.

Just a few examples. In ancient times people believed that diseases where caused by evil beings or evil spirits who each had a life of themselves. They could not only attack your gross physical body of meat and blood and bone and phlegm and so on, but also its invisible counterpart, called “etheric body,” or “etheric double.” Because they were “evil” – actually they were not evil, because only people can be evil, but they were naturally attracted to evil people, like some flies are naturally attracted to shit – Praja tried to teach people goodness and cleanliness in the first place, so that such “evil” spirits would never come. But because many people think evil, feel evil, and are not clean and eat bad food and corpses of dead animals, such spirits came anyway.

The only thing you could do against them then was to chase them away with things they didn’t like: clean water with herbs, good herbal smoke, fire, clean earth, good air, and even by magic formulas. Such magic formulas are words and sounds which have a good meaning and a purity from which these “evil” beings tend to move away, or fly off to their escape. This would not only work for diseases of the body, but also for emotional, psychological and mental diseases. Such diseases are themselves living beings, clinging to your body or etheric double or stardust body. If the work was done by experts who themselves were good and clean people, their clients could be cured of that disease for the rest of their life. Sometimes these people were priests and lived a very ascetic life, or had gone through a lot of suffering themselves so that they had become spiritually purified. If then, after the treatment, people would life better and not make the same mistakes again, and the evil spirits had definitely been made to move (without killing them).


AP 54 Bacteria AP 54 fancy germs / elementalsAP 54 devil-germs

In our time most people do not believe in such evil spirits, but believe in germs or bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms – all of them are very small and can not be seen. But you can see them with a microscope, whereas evil spirits can not be seen by any microscope or other instrument so far – and that is why modern scientists don’t believe in them. But these micro-organisms are only the “physical laborers” for the evil spirits, and just do what they naturally do. Bacteria or viruses etc. are not evil at all. They only enjoy their happy lives when they get their opportunity: when people and their environments are filthy and not well maintained and when people are indifferent or have damaged their own natural resistance by bad food, drinking and smoking habits and by association with other filth or with filthy places an by filthy thoughts and feelings. But once you have lived in such a way that micro-organisms and also bigger parasites have attached themselves to you, the only “cure” is to kill them. This is the most efficient and therefore the most popular method in our culture. But if the original cause – which is linked with your own history-thread that you may have started long ago, even in previous lives – of the disease has not worked out, the cure is only temporarily – which means that the disease will come back or can not be cured with this method at all. Of course you don’t really cure yourself unless you discard your bad habits. Unless you do that, the “evil spirits” which use the germs for the purpose of causing disease will just seek another way, and you will get the same disease again or another disease instead – until you are really cured from within yourself: have purified your habits, emotions and your thoughts according to the silent wisdom of the heart-mind. The brain-mind, even of the greatest doctors and scientists, can never find an ultimate cure, because they think that a disease is something evil that has to be destroyed, but in reality disease is a process of restoring balance in something that has been disturbed, and often is a teacher for the mind and one’s ways of feeling. It is therefore better that doctors are wise people, who can understand the skills of the body to restore itself and have an understanding between what is right and wrong for minds, feelings and bodies. They should accompany these processes and the patients rather than try to destroy evil spirits or germs. The final cure can only come from within yourself, because the disease came also from yourself.

Therefore driving out spirits and killing micro-organisms are methods meant for people with rather primitive minds, who are unable to live naturally, that is, unable to cooperate with the good forces of Nature, including “spirits” up to all wisdom of Praja which is embodied in plants, minerals, the elements in your own bodies.


(Balance and Harmony: Yin and Yang)

But there have been (and will be) periods in human history when people lived more natural – before the invention of insecticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers (which unbalance the minerals and structure of the soil as well as the normal chemical processes within plant bodies)

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