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Adi and Praja

Chapter 7

Issue 53: Steering beautiful energies

Humans will need millions of years to completely develop their mind until it becomes just as clear and perfect as the original mind of Adi, whose mind is always connected with our minds. She understood very well that at this stage humans needed all kinds of help, not only to prevent mistakes, but even to help them after they had made mistakes. So what did she do?


(Steering Beautiful Energies)

You remember that in her previous two dreams Praja had seen that all visible and invisible things in Nature, including invisible Earth-planets and other invisible planets and stars, and she had understood that all things were connected with Adi’s heart, and had a heart like this of their own, and that there were lines of information and energy connecting all the hearts of all the beings, and also that their bodies were originally formed from Adi’s body stuff, when all these beings separated from Adi’s body as questions in transparent oval bodies. So she understood very well that everything that existed in one particular being, also existed in all other beings – though often in a sleeping stage. Everything exists in everything. Hydrogen molecules exist in you and me, in all animals and plants and other beings, and also in other planets and suns and galaxies. And also oxygen molecules and carbon molecules, indeed almost all the 92 chemical elements of Mendeleyev’s periodical system of elements of the earth, and perhaps some more. The same was true for emotions and thoughts: all beings contained more or less or all these, though sometimes in different quantities and combinations, and often sleeping because they were not significant at the moment. And all the sounds, colors and other vibrations between them. That’s why all beings are different, because their particular emotions and thoughts and bodies are there to be able to answer their particular question, their particular part of the Big Question of Adi: “Who am I?” If you think about it, you will understand that therefore stars and planets and minerals and plants and animals and humans and even gods have many elements and emotions and thoughts and vibrations in common. And that is why minerals, stars, planets and other beings can help humans and animals to lead particular good energies to animal and human bodies, or protect them against bad energies, so that these bodies may cure themselves easier. More helpful than such vibrations are of course good emotions and, especially for humans, good thoughts, but these can in most cases only been given from people to other people.

Periodiek systeem

Mendeleev’s Periodical System of Elements

Elementary particles as recognized by atomic physics

So Praja had to work on all these fronts. It was quite a task. And this was only her dream, not yet Earthly reality. Many helpers would be needed to bring these ideas to Earth, intelligent and compassionate people, and many were needed also to apply these ideas. She had to inspire her helpers throughout the ages (because every age is somewhat different) to invent methods of healing, and education and at the same time prevent hindering the free development of human minds. Praja, therefore inspired diverse systems healing, science and religion based on her knowledge and wisdom, of which I will mention only a few examples, though there have been many more since the beginning of the human mind.

Because every human being is connected with the heart and mind of Adi and Praja, everyone has a natural intuition of what is true and harmonious and beautiful and natural.

So the only real thing Praja had to do is to remind people of their natural intuition. Systems are secondary but indispensable. As far as physical and psychological health is concerned, people would follow their natural intuition and they would almost never get sick. So: eat natural, fruits and grains and plants – preferably those without pesticides, herbicides and manipulated genes. Eat what Nature gives: the hearts of all creatures are connected with Adi’s heart, because they came from there. And don’t eat and drink things that cause suffering to animals, insects, or to other people, or which are made in factories which pollute nature and produce things artificially (such as chemical additions to natural things). not only you are a living being, your body itself is a living being. Your body has millions and again millions of years of experience through evolution, contained in its genes and elsewhere, with how to handle food and drink – and it gained this knowledge even long before you had a mind. Even animal and plant bodies have many millions of years of experience in living in this world and adjusting to circumstances, and their knowledge about their physical body is mostly incorporated in their chromosomes and DNA molecules in their cells. So do what your body knows already about eating and drinking, and beware of your personal desires and thoughts and ideas. That’s all. People with a good mind eat good things. They will not get fat nor will they get anorexia, because a thing like that comes from strange ideas which entered into the mind only.

Everyone’s mind is free, but not everyone is clever. So they smoke, drink, blow, sniff and worse and eat junk food or polluted food in large quantities. If they do, it’s okay, but they’ll pay. I don’t want to waste more words about something that is so simple as right eating.

All things, such as matter, desire and emotion, and mind and intuition exist everywhere in the whole universe, I suppose.616452main_HERSCHEL_01172012_1600_946-710 All forces and energies that exist within you, also exist everywhere else in the universe: in me, in all other people, gods, animals, plants, minerals, invisible beings, planets, in the signs of the zodiac, in stars, galaxies and so on. Even in atoms and protons, neutrons, electrons, bosons, baryons, quarks etc. etc. in infinitely small and infinitely big things or beings. Many forces and energies are sleeping though. That is why you can think, but trees and moons can not think. And that is why gods can understand many things without even having to think about it. They know things directly, because they have not only a mind, but also a buddhi. You and I also have a buddhi, but it is still almost sleeping. In human beings buddhi just begins to awaken a little bit. First we have to develop our minds much and much farther than it is at the moment. We will first become much more intelligent than we are now, even more intelligent than Einstein or the Greek philosophers Socrates or Plato, or the Chinese Hui-Neng, or Confucius, or the great Indian mathematician Ramanuja, or Umāsvati (who wrote, some 2000 years ago a book about all things in the Universe, called That Which Is.). Even such great people were not yet perfect and made mistakes – just to mention only a very few great minds of various cultures in various epochs. But in the far future, buddhi will be just as normal for us as thinking is now, and then we humans will all have become gods.

That is why all beings can help each other: all beings have everything, but it can be active or sleeping, latent. That is why plants and pets and stones can not help us with our exams or by giving speeches or whispering in our ears. But they can help us with our bodies and with our subtle bodies (which plants and other beings also have).


(Curing diseases)

Because Praja, who in her dreams had been a mineral, a plant, a human being and a god, knew all these things perfectly, she knew all the energies in all beings and how they streamed through their bodies and the whole universe.

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