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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 48: Beyond the moon

Later he died normally, and in his future life began to understand spiritual philosophy quickly, because he had studied and thought much in his life-times many centuries ago – and nothing good goes ever lost permanently. Still much later – he had already unconsciously built the basis for that in a sequence of previous lives – he became a great, completely undogmatic and independent helper of Adi. His future was destined to be great – but not easy.


(Beyond the Moon)

The time since Adi had, in his dream, had seen all the things of which the stories about Mona and Peter, Dura Diana and Shano form but a small part, had lasted no more than a few seconds. Then he reached the Moon and left his stardust body there.


He could now proceed far beyond the Moon, into the World of the Good Mind, and beyond that he would travel via Venus and Mercury to the Sun, and to the heart of the Sun, perhaps even to the polestar. He would “see” and experience ever more amazing things – so amazing that nothing at all in your whole mind on Earth could even make the slightest imagination of it. He would go beyond the World of the Good Mind to the World of Direct Knowledge (without the need of thinking) and finally to the World of Real Truth. Only of the World of the Good Mind I can tell you something. About what Adi “saw”, or “heard” or “felt” because he did all these things with only one organ, so there was no difference between seeing, hearing and feeling there. The were one.

Other than with normal people in the World of the Good Mind, Adi was completely aware of all that went on in that world. He could “see” all beings who lived there, that means, all minds. These beings themselves would for Adi look like small ovals or egg-shaped colorful transparent bodies, but he could also see everything what they thought and fancied. These were only good thoughts though, because they were in the world beyond evil, were suffering doesn’t exist and joy is in everyone more than any joy on Earth could ever be. But people like us, in this time in evolution, can only see what their own mind produces – like in the case of Shano, who, having completely forgotten his periods in the limbo and in the stardust world, now “saw-heard-felt” an ideal earth-world where al people were vegetarians and non-violent, compassionate and just, and were dishonesty and sex as well as absence of love did not exist, and were everyone was a trustworthy heart-friend of everyone else – whereas at the same time on the real earth people were still killing each other and eating meat and quarreling and making war. All what Shano saw in the World of the Good Mind had been his own ideals and ideas only. You may say that Shano’s fantasies and ideas there, and those of all other people in that world is completely useless for the world except for Shano or the other people there themselves. But then you are mistaken: having these beautiful ideas in that world was not useless at all. Seeing all this prepared his heart-mind for a better future on Earth, where he would have more vision and wisdom, and more courage to realize his ideas in reality. So Adi saw all these minds and their beautiful fantasies, including Shano’s, and smiled because the ideals that grew there were really beautiful – even though it would take centuries and a number of lifetimes for Shano to consciously communicate with friends and teachers in that world and do the real mind-work there.

Adi saw people’s minds in that world also, which were spiritually advanced beyond the point were Shano had reached. They could communicate with each other and be aware of what went on in other’s minds. Also they could learn there directly from Great Teachers as well, Teachers who of course knew much more about that world and what was beyond it than the pupils.

Adi saw millions of people there (that means to say: minds of people) – in fact there were more people in the World of the Good Mind than on the Earth, and their average stay there was much longer. It could be centuries or even thousands of years before they died again in that world in order to go back to Earth and work there. From the point of view of earthlings like ourselves they had died a long time ago, and most of them had been completely forgotten on Earth, because in the mean time their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren (and son on) had themselves grown old and had left their bodies made of earth-chemicals. Some of them were now in their stardust bodies, others lived in their own mind in the World of the Good Mind, still others, even though they had been grandchildren, were already back on Earth. After a few generations there lived nobody on Earth to remember them. But those who were regarded as dead for centuries were not dead at all. On the contrary, they were more alive than ever, and fully conscious in their own mind there.

Adi saw the mind of a boy who had lived in Africa up to an age of only 13 years. He had died from a disease then, to the great sorrow of his parents, brothers, sisters and friends. After dying he had slept a long time – many years indeed. H

travel-future-flight-airplanes-supersonic_43418_600x450-1e had always wanted to become a jumbo-jet pilot of an airplane that was bigger and faster than all other airplanes and he wanted take all his friend through the clouds to other worlds. He had done very few bad things in his short life, so after he had woken up in the stardust world he had stayed in his stardust body only for a few days time. But now he was in the world where there were only good minds, and he was now really flying an enormous airplane. In the planes were some 3000 people, mostly children, who all where the best of friends. While he had complete control over the dashboard of the plane and could see all that happened in front of, next to and behind the plane, and he could talk with all his friends without loosing control over his concentration needed for flying the plane. They were all in a very, very happy mood. The plane had taken off with the sound of 10,000 drums with the clearest rhythms, and crossed the living clouds which looked like the bodies of gods. They passed the one jumbo-jet after the other by tenfold speed and went up beyond the atmosphere of the earth and on to the Moon, where they landed in a savanna-like landscape with the most wonderful round and square buildings and thousands of trees full of fruits who looked like sausages, and thousands of colorful balloons in the sky. And they played like never before – a whole lot of different games they played, because whatever he thought of happened immediately. Because he had lived only thirteen years his time to go back to earth and continue his work there came soon, and after 53 years he was born again on Earth – in America this time.


(The Garden and the Desert)

Adi saw the mind of someone who had been a landscape and garden architect during her life on Earth. She knew everything about hills and rocks and trees, and in which forms trees would be growing when they got older, and what were the colors of all trees and smaller plants in different seasons, and how such colors would follow each other up when the weather changed.

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