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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 47: Shano’s future

Shano’s emotions while jumping and in the period before that had been very strong, so they kept repeating themselves. And every time he jumped again and cried and regretted and splashed on the ground. This went on for a long time.


(Shano’s Future)

As he was 17, and should have become 76, he had some 59 years to go before he could really die. He had no sane mind during that period, nor could he get himself out of the situation. He saw his friends or felt their presence, but however hard he tried and shouted, they could not hear him. When he saw food he felt hunger, but he couldn’t eat. Girls where beyond reach, though he saw them in all positions before his eyes. But because apart from the moments alone in bed in the evening he had not set his mind in that direction – because he was much involved in his school work and other interests, it was not so terrible as it could otherwise have been. But had he died naturally, this passion would not have no more special importance, because he would have had many other things in his life to occupy his mind which became more and more important, relating to his work, family, and so on. There were others also who were in the same limbo, and some of them, like himself, where highly conscious and aware of their own suffering. Some were suffering a lot more that he. Among them was the boy who had “killed” himself before Shano. He was very evil, contrary to Shano, and tried to influence people on earth to also commit suicide. He had been an addict to particular hard drugs, though only his intimate “friends” knew about that. Now he would hang around places on Earth were such people like to meet, and he tried to whisper attractive thoughts of suicide in these peoples’ minds. It worked especially well if they were deeply under drugs and in a desperate depression. He also went to other depressive people of his own age and try to do the same with their minds. Often only when too late, these people would discover that the impulse did not come from themselves. Shano on the other hand, who was basically a good person, would rather have stopped people from committing suicide, if he had been able to. But whether good or evil, the same law of nature applies, and everyone has to live out his original term of life. But how intense this period is in someone’s consciousness depends much on what happens before he or she dies.

However horrifying Shano’s situation was, Adi saw that there were others who were even in a much worse situation. Murderers who had themselves been

Buddhist hell

Buddhist hell

murdered or had shot themselves after shooting many others, filled with hate, and trying everything to go back to earth to take revenge by inspiring other people to murder. Of course a dead murderer can not shoot, but he can influence other bad-minded people to do it for him. They kept repeating committing murder and being murdered all the time for decades, building more and more hatred, and less and less hope for their own future. There were sensualists who had met sudden death, who could not get out of their enormous desires for dozens of years, without ever getting satisfaction. Their were alcoholics craving for alcohol, and drug addicts craving for drugs – but without their body they could never get drunk or stoned or whatever. Some went so far as to take possession of the bodies of other alcoholics or drug addicts still living on Earth, to get the feeling by means of their bodies. Unconsciously they build history threads for themselves which would lead them to incomparable suffering and complete self-destruction for many lives to come. All this did not apply to Shano though, but his suffering was great enough, and lasted some 59 years, staying very close to the Earth. All this could have been prevented, had he been strong enough to resist and overcome the suicide impulse. Then finally he died as people normally do immediately after death. He lived in the better parts of his stardust body and experienced his better emotions, such as kindness and sympathy and lived in beautiful cities of his own fantasy. It did not last long, because despite all the emotional debacles in his life I have told you about, there had always been an intellectual undertone of really wanting to understand science and Nature, and to be kind and good and helpful and forgiving to other people. At the end of his period in the stardust world he again saw his whole past life, as all people do before they enter the world of the mind. He now understood everything and also understood to some extend where he would go in the future and why. He knew now the good part of his destiny, but also the threads which originated from the time he had thought about suicide and revenge, and that these threads would lead to confrontations with nature in the future. And he accepted that wisely. Now he woke up in a beautiful world without pain and fear and evil, far beyond the Moon – a world which his mother would have called “heaven” – something Shano himself had never really believed in. Now finally the ideals in his mind came true.

Buddhist heaven

Buddhist heaven

Now there was no more obstruction by the possibilities and limitations of physical matter, not even of stardust matter, and no emotions stood in the way of free thought. There was only his own mind. Everything he had wished he accomplished: he built a world where people were honest and true, helped each other to grow spiritually, where everyone was a vegetarian and even animals did not kill each other. The ideas he had read in books during his stay on Earth and which had attracted him, now showed themselves as realities. He also met his mother, and she was like when he was nine years old, and they loved each other as child and mother do. She was a completely honest and good woman, without problems and fears. She radiated like a hundred suns. Everything in this world seemed to exist of the brightest light and everything constantly came into existence and disappeared to make place for some other beautiful scene which his heart loved.

Later he died normally, and in his future life began to understand spiritual philosophy quickly, because he had studied and thought much in his life-times many centuries ago – and nothing good ever goes lost permanently. Still much later – he had already unconsciously built the basis for that in a sequence of previous lives – he became a great, completely undogmatic and independent helper of Adi. His future was destined to be great – but not easy.


(Beyond the Moon)

The time since Adi had, in his dream, had seen all the things of which the stories about Mona and Peter, Dura Diana and Shano form but a small part, had lasted no more than a few seconds. Then he reached the Moon and left his stardust body there.

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