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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 43: The homo’s future

Due to an unfortunate course of events … it would be better for your son to go to another school, where he would meet more people of his own kind. We have found no proof or even a hint of the teacher’s improper behavior.” When father read this letter to Shano, he only said: “But … Dad!” “The director is right,” interrupted father to his son, “you should not stay there. You create problems.”


(The Homo’s Future)

Now Shano’s life was bound to change completely. Shano himself was afraid of his teacher. So he wanted to go as far away as possible, away from school, from the teacher, and from his “parents.” He had lost all sympathy for his own father. In fact his own father was worse than the teacher, because he had ultimately caused much more damage to his son than the teacher. Shano could even forgive the teacher – thinking that it had been his own fault, because of his masturbation habit. In reality this had nothing to do whatsoever with the act of his teacher, as we have seen from Adi’s vision of the “threads of history.” The teacher himself though, had spun a very strong thread to his own future, and that one Adi saw also. He would have to pay his evil deed to the last: that means to say, due to the balancing power of Nature, he had to undergo the same amount of suffering as he had caused. Not that there was the slightest feeling of revenge in Adi’s heart, or in the heart of Nature. Revenge does not exist in the universe except in human minds. But you cannot escape the law of nature which brings everything back to balance by equal force, and this as a way of teaching for this who would not listen to the voice of their heart in the first place. So you can understand that his future would not be rosy. His soul could only learn the hard way. It is the price of the “fun” he had had with Shano and others. If nature had “forgiven” him, he would have fallen victim to the same strong desire again and again. He would never had had the force to overcome it in the future. Only by suffering in the same way as he had caused others to suffer he could be taught and corrected. Thereto came that he had lied to the director and his colleagues, had threatened Shano with murder, and had not bettered his life – all this spinning new and stronger threads. About two years later the teacher did the same with another boy – but this time he was discovered, fired from his job, and put in jail. The director had then understood that he had been mistaken in his judgment of Shano also. But he did never take the trouble to contact Shano’s father to apologize, and he had no idea what had become of Shano since that time and were he lived. Anyway, the director was to much a coward to openly admit his mistake.



The teacher, out of jail, had not bettered his life. His whole life his mind became more and more filled with filthy thoughts about boys. When he died, his life after death became beyond description, and in his next life he became a crippled man, both physically and mentally. Not because he was homosexual, because homosexuality is a normal thing in Nature, and even animals have it. About one in every fifteen people, and sometimes more, boys as well as girls, are gay or lesbian, and even one in five has homosexual feelings sometimes. They have about the same feelings as straight people have, and try to do the same sexual things, as far as possible of course. For the rest they are good or bad people just like everyone else, and weave their own history threads towards the future – and these can be very beautiful threads also. Only when they really indulge in their sexual actions and allow sexuality to play a top position in their life and in their fantasies, they will be in a very undesirable state of consciousness for some time after their death. This applies equally for straight people. It all depends on how they handle the situation and to what extend they are able to direct their thoughts to more refined and spiritual ideas. People who ridicule or restrict or punish, or even kill homosexuals (as the governments of some countries do) commit far more evil and thus weave history threads for themselves for a future they certainly will have, and that they would not-at-all desire, and which could have been prevented had they been compassionate and have understanding. It is also noteworthy that among some of the greatest men in the human society were gay. One of them, for example, was Newton, the famous physicist who described the law of gravity. And Marcilio Ficino, the father of the European Renaissance who in Italy in the 15st century who discovered and translated ancient Greek and Egyptian texts and thus brought about the period in Europe which we now know as the Renaissance. A whole new era of philosophy, science and art started thanks to him. And Socrates, the great Greek philosopher who greatly influenced out thinking even today by his ethical and intellectual philosophy; and Alexander the Great, and Montezuma the Second, and Czar Peter the Great. Erasmus the Dutch humanist, and Tchaikovsky, the great Russian composer who wrote most beautiful music to which we still listen today, who suffered great depressions because due to his education thought that he was evil because of his gay feelings. And Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Elton John Andy Warhol and a endless number of artists, movie stars and playwrights, poets and authors. In some cases homosexuality may be because a boy had been a girl in his last life, or a girl had been a boy in her last life. It might also be that someone had lived in a spiritual community like a monastery, where looking or thinking of the other sex was strictly forbidden, or where the development of someone’s soul was seen as much more important than his physical development. In such cases, unmarried ascetics and monks in a former life, might now in this life be more interested in what is inside a person than what is at the outside, and he would love such a person because of his innate spirituality or goodness – whether of the one or the other gender. It is remarkable how many great-souled men and women of great influence were homosexual


Earth’s (karma) magnetosphere

So the evil of the teacher was not in his homosexuality at all, but in the fact that he interrupted by force of will into the freedom of someone else. He used all his force to satisfy his own sexual feelings without paying any attention to the will or the consequences for the other – as is the case with heterosexual rape as well. He interrupted the whole stream of thoughts which otherwise would have gone through Shano’s mind, and in that way became even co-responsible for the further events in Shano’s life. Also the fact that he continuously bred sensual thoughts in his mind, surrounded him with the coarsest and most unpleasant emotional stardust. And then there was his continuous fear of being caught and his thought that he might kill someone who would speak out. Luckily he never killed anyone, but still the thought of it had started a strong history thread that would work out on him in one of his future lives.

But because Shano had forgiven him in his own heart, the two never had to meet again.


(Shano’s New Life)

Shano moved to a far away part of the city, alone, and managed to keep his address secret.

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