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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 28: Beyond the moon

But finally they had heard and seen enough of it, and their attention faded away. Finally they became drowsy and then fell asleep (or died again – whatever you want to call it), and their stardust bodies also died, slowly falling apart onto stardust molecules and atoms – that means the dead people left their stardust bodies because they did not need them anymore.


(Beyond the moon)

 Beyond the moon: the world of the good mind

If these dead people were intelligent enough and aware of their own heart, and also knew at least something about Adi’s Great Heart and had some real love for the good of others without self-interest, so that they had had good ideas and ideals during life on Earth, they woke up from their unconscious sleep after their stardust bodies had died, the dust of which stayed at the Moon. They were now in a world that was more beautiful than anything you can imagine on Earth. AP 28 utopiaThere was no pain and no suffering and no unfulfilled desires, because they did not have an Earth body and no stardust body. Pain belongs to the Earth matter, and emotions and desires belong to the stardust matter. It was a world made by all good things made by their mind, and there are no beings without mind in that world. Everything there is beautiful, every music is pure harmony and happiness and pure thought, and there all the good things they had wanted, but had not accomplished on Earth, finally came true – and better than they had ever hoped, so that they would be able to do the same thing better when the were born the next time on Earth, because everything was set right in their mind. They didn’t really learn anything new though, because learning something most people can only do in an Earth body made of earth atoms and molecules because, I think, only these offer enough resistance to the natural quickness of the mind, so that things go slow enough to pay attentions, and you can compare things, and where you can concentrate and think analytically and draw conclusions. Up there you can only enjoy and see your thoughts and best hopes fulfilled. Unless you belong to the few people among us who are trained enough to remain self-conscious and think for themselves even there, and who can listen to a teacher who lives up there, and follow his advices. That demands full control over your own mind though, and the wish to know the Truth only, and never to be lured by fantasies and mere good ideas.

This was a general overview of Adi’s vision when he went from the Earth to the Moon, and when he had left his own stardust body at the Moon and passed beyond the Moon. In the stardust world, close to the Earth, he saw some details that were not pleasant at all, actually these things were very sad, because they could have been avoided, had people been wiser and had got the right information when on Earth. Adi saw some really ugly things also down in the stardust world close to the earth. People who had been often angry on Earth were now in a terrible situation. They were continuously fighting with dark and fierce colored monsters, because every emotion gets a form and a color in that after-death world. They themselves were also like monsters. Fierce blood red arrows and other violent and stinging things came out of their bodies and were directed at these monsters. That made the monsters only more monstrous and angry.AP 28 2 Monster These stardust people couldn’t get out of it, and when finally they had freed themselves, new monsters loomed quickly. If they had not enough power in their mind to control these monsters they got more and more entangled and were suffering terribly for many years. They would miss all the beauty of that world, and whenever it came it was only for a while. Finally they died again to either wake up in the sphere of thoughts, or to be reborn on Earth again. People who had been depressive by nature on earth, where often still depressive, and saw around them all the causes why they had been depressive around them as brown and grey and black beings. Such beings also enter the stardust bodies of other people, whether alive on earth or not. None of these beings were real, that is, they were all created by the person – like every depression which is not opposed by courage. So that is why it is good to be a hero: whatever happens to you, even when you die, stand up again, and remember that – like it went with the cockroaches – in the gloomiest state the future is always better and brighter and happier. For people who had cherished strong negative emotions like anger or depression or hatred or greed and self-made fears and concerns or had behaved like animals, and those who had been cruel and dishonest and many other strong negative emotions and had not battled against such emotions during their life on Earth, now found themselves caught in an emotional hell which they had made for themselves. Not forever, only as long as the energy given to that particular emotion while on Earth was there. When the energy was worked out, that hell was also over. But sometimes it took ages. Those who had fought with their mind against such emotions, and had understood the uselessness and harm of them and had at least sometimes conquered, could do the same now and thus avoid much of such a hell. Finally everyone would die a second death and wake up in world of pure mind, beyond the Moon, or they would stay asleep till the time had come to go back to Earth.


Mona was born as a beautiful baby weighing 7 pounds and had some curly hairs on her lovely head. Soon she looked around with big eyes and it did not last long before she would smile to everyone who came by to see her lovable young AP 28 3 Babyface. She had two brothers, 4 and 6 years old and as soon as she could stretch out her little hands she would try to pull their nose. Her parents were business people, and they had a successful shop selling colorful textiles, bangles and other colorful things people like to buy, including some jewelry. In her previous life – of which she and her parents knew nothing of course, but which Adi could see – she herself had been a businesswomen and a quite successful one too. She had made jewels of silver and semi-precious stones. In that life she had used the money she had earned to build a good house and buy some beautiful pieces of art. She liked music also, and whenever some good musicians would come to her town she would go and listen.

She was married, had four children, but a fifth, it would have been a boy, died at birth, and she had felt great sorrow then, and decided that she wanted no more than four (which was not much in the time when she lived, because many people got 12 or even 15 children those days). Apart from that event she had a rather good and pleasant middle class life.

She had one weakness though. She could not stand when someone else was better or more successful than she was. When some other shop earned more money than hers she would pester the people of that shop, and even try behind their back to speak evil about them, hoping that the clients would not go there anymore, and in stead come to her shop. She wanted to be the boss. She would also humiliate people if she did not like them – and “not liking them” was usually the same as “earning more money.” But because her own business was good, she did not especially develop this unpleasant character. She died when she was 74. This was some 200 years before her rebirth as Mona, about whom our story tells.


(Mona – continued)

In this new life she was the third child (after the two brothers), and the last one in this family. She was playful and liked beautiful things. Even as a small child she could sing some songs and was quite good in keeping tune. But …

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