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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 27: Adi’s trip to the moon

His love for his enemies was as great as his love for his friends. In fact he would have to give more love to his enemies, because they still had to learn more than his friends. Most of his enemies later became his friends, because they felt his love for them and they learned to understand him.


(Adi’s trip to the moon)

AP 27 1 Full_Moon

 Adi’s trip to the moon

At that very moment his dream changed: he dreamed that he had left his body and flew to the new Moon. Many beings – millions or billions or trillions, all of whom are invisible for normal human eyes – he saw between the Earth and the Moon. Many of them weren’t very friendly and changed themselves in repulsive beings with ugly faces. But there were a lot of nice ones also. He also saw many dead people, floating around, and doing what they liked to do on Earth, and some were still working very hard and were enjoying, but by far the most of them weren’t very intelligent and you would not like to have them as your friend. Some were very evil and had fun in trying to hurt others, because they still had the same character as when they were people on Earth. Some dead people even tried to go back to the Earth – which was impossible because their body was dead and either eaten by worms and insects under the ground, or burnt to ashes. These were the unhappiest of all. They did not want to, or could not, accept that they were dead and wanted to talk or fight or have some other contact with the people who were still on Earth. But they could not, and the people on Earth didn’t even notice their presence, because the people had no eyes to see or skin to feel the other side of dying, were the dead lived. He also saw many dead animals between the earth and the Moon, but they seemed to enjoy their time there. Of course they did not know they were dead, because they could not think about it. Then they disappeared and were soon born again in other animal bodies on Earth. Some people and animals he seemed to recognize from other part of his dreams, when he saw them as they were living in a body made of chemicals (such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur, and molecules like proteins and amino-acids, DNA and RNA and so on and so on). But now there bodies were made of luminous stardust atoms and molecules, all whirling around fanatically and in all different colors, and all invisible for earthly human eyes, but visible for stardust eyes. The colors changed continuously according to the feelings these dead people had – and that could be pleasant and unpleasant feelings, changing every moment, just as on earth. Adi, who himself – in his dream – had left his body made of the chemicals of the earth, now had himself a stardust body. But is was exceedingly beautiful and lovely, and he was fully conscious of his Heart, which was as always connected by streams of light-energy to all other hearts inside these stardust bodies – but these beings, most of them at least, did not know that. They just did what they liked, like many people when still on earth, but now without paying almost no more attention to their heart. That is why so many of them who had been living on Earth as men and women where now ugly and evil. You could see very few really good people there. But anyhow, wherever Adi went, those who were close became happier and more hopeful, so that finally they moved higher and higher and when they had arrived near the moon they felt free and left their stardust bodies. In fact the Moon itself was dead. She had been a beautiful living planet in the far, far past.

AP 27 AstralBody

Before I am going to tell you about what comes after the Moon, I must tell you some things Adi saw between the earth and the Moon some of which were not at all pleasant to see.

Adi had watched some people during their life on earth, when they had bodies of flesh just as you and me at this moment. Now he met them again after they had died, and they were only having a stardust body now. He saw quite a few who were reading books, and it seemed as if they did not need to open the books. When they wanted to read page 427, for example, of a particular book, they could see that immediately and study that page. They could see the backside of that page (428) at the same time, and if they were intelligent they could understand it also, because they still had a mind. Some even visited libraries, and learned a lot. Many others were looking TV, though there were no real programs and real televisions, but having done that for many years everyday they had not noticed that they were dead, and that what they saw was created by their own wishes. One guy had been dead for six years and was still looking Cartoon Network, though he did not really know what was going on and the monsters had become worse. But after some time the stardust bodies of the dead people started to become weaker, and finally died. Their mind would not die, but would move upwards beyond the moon orbit. Others were enjoying music like rock and many types of pop-music. They floated close to the Earth so that they could perhaps feel something of the atmosphere of a pop festival or music hall of café, and have the same emotions, because it was very earthly music. It was mostly in their fantasy though, because they had no more earthly ears, and they saw everything at the same time in moving colors. Some sounds seemed to be made of plastic, others of metal, some would take strangely attractive forms, others repulsive forms. Many dead people stayed around there for quite some time, being swept about by pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Some were really unhappy or depressive. However many of them also discovered that around and above them were many types of music which were more subtle, intelligent and peaceful, and slowly they would move upward away from the Earth. Some would stay a long period where they liked it most, and it was like a beautiful colorful dream. Perhaps some of the most beautiful music, if they understood it, could bring them even beyond the Moon. Others had loved nature, flowers, birds and landscapes when on Earth, and now they found themselves in a nature that was more alive and beautiful and romantic than ever. They could see right through the stems of trees and leaves – which were all made of radiant stardust, and could see how life-force was flowing through there stems, branches, flowers and seeds and roots, and how plants were surrounded by colorful transparent beings who helped them to form and grow into beauty. The dead people were also more beautiful here, and more quiet. Everyone was living in the world of his own desires and emotions and fantasies, and that world looked accordingly. Nobody knew that he or she was floating between the earth and Moon.

But finally they had heard and seen enough of it, and their attention faded away. Finally they became drowsy and then fell asleep (or died again – whatever you want to call it), and their stardust bodies also died, slowly falling apart onto stardust molecules and atoms – that means the dead people left their stardust bodies because they did not need them anymore.


(Beyond the moon)

Beyond the moon: the world of the good mind

If these dead people were intelligent enough and aware of their own heart, and also knew at least something about Adi’s Great Heart and had some real love for the good of others without self-interest, so that they had had good ideas and ideals during life on Earth,

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