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Adi and Praja

Chapter 6

Issue 25: The silent voice

All Nature is connected with Adi’s Heart, and always trying to urge us and to help us and to guide us to more wisdom.


(The silent voice)

The silent voice

AP 25 1 Silence 6 Le silence (Michel Camus) » deep silence


In reality both things happen with every human being. People hear the soundless voice of their heart all the time, but some people pay more attention to it than others. The heart “speaks” usually very softly, and some people call the voice of the heart “the voice of the silence.” That voice of the silence is wiser than the voice of the mind. The mind is often speaking or even shouting very loudly. It has a voice that you always hear within your head, and that is what people call “thinking,” or “brain-thinking” or “brain-mind.” The real thinking, like that of Adi, is always peaceful and positive, and vibrates in harmony with your heart, and makes the heart feel happy. That is “heart-thinking.” You have to learn this heart thinking and to listen to that voice of the silence. It is not easy to listen to that silent voice when all the time there is also a loud voice. It is just as difficult as listening to a singing bird when somebody next to you has put his speakers with loud and harsh music of top volume. Or in busy traffic. But just as with loudspeakers you can reduce the volume of your brain-mind, and you can also attune it to better music. But some may need their whole life to practice doing that – and other people can do it at once.

Your mind, by its very nature, is adventurous (unless it is sleeping even during the day-time). A mind is also curious and wants to investigate everything. Luckily most children have adventurous minds, and therefore children want adventure and want to learn something more. Regrettably many grown-ups are dull, and then they only clean their house, do their work and look TV. I hope that if you are a child you will never become a grown-up like that. If you listen to and work together with your heart-mind you will never be dull, even if you become a hundred years old. And most other people will always like you because naturally you always help them. You will see so many things in the world around you that are either good or not good at all, and you will always want to help to change things for the better, like Praja.

The very reason why you have a mind is to answer questions, and you can only answer questions when you train your mind and make it strong and if you train yourself to contain many ideas at the same time and can compare them even without writing them down your mind becomes really top. The best way to compare ideas is to listen to what the heart-mind says about them, and let your brain-mind accept help from your heart-mind. Then you will become a really great man or woman, whatever you do for a job after having finished school, and even after you die and become a man or women in your next life, may be one hundred or even one thousand years in the future. Because your heart never dies.

Perhaps you understand nothing of what I have written on these last few pages about your mind and everyone’s mind. Don’t worry. Later you will understand.

Mind you ! Mind your mind ! (not only your head)

Adi’s problem was: How to give these creatures a mind that is completely free and curious and adventurous, and at the same time to teach the people to make their mind stronger, more perfect and more powerful. Because the mind is completely free to choose and has its own will, it is impossible to force any person or any group of people to do good. The choice between good use and bad use can only be made by every individual himself or herself, and by nobody else. Even if everyone around you has an evil mind, you can just as well use your mind in a good way only. But, we can’t deny that because your mind and its will is free, you have the right to do evil also. But then you cause so much suffering and pain to other creatures, be they your parents or your children or your friends or enemies – and to Nature, whether these creatures themselves have a mind or not, and to yourself. Better just don’t do that.

Nature runs in circles

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Now I must try to explain you another very difficult thing before I can continue to tell you about Adi’s dream. I have to explain you that everything in Nature runs in circles. The Earth runs in a circle around the sun, just as Mercury and Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune and many more things. Just like the moon around the earth. Everyday you sleep and then wake up and sleep again … and again and again. … At the end of every life you die and after every death you are born again … and again and again …

Solar system

So, if you made a mistake yesterday, sure you can try to do better today (or tomorrow, or next week or month or year). If you make mistakes in your whole life, you can try better in your next life – provided you have tried your best in this life, it will be easier in your next life. When you think something with your mind, a thought is born. Maybe you forget the thought, but is comes back after some time. May be quickly, may be later, even in one of your next lives. Every thought has some power – a great and strong power or a weak power, even if the thought is wrong (That is why so many people keep believing things which are complete nonsense, or at least partly nonsense – because of the power of their ever returning thoughts). For example, in the Middle Ages the people, including scientists and learned church fathers, believed that the earth was flat. They thought that the world could never be round like a ball, because then the people and animals on the other side would fall up in stead of down when they jumped, and when they fell up they would disappear into space. For example, when you are in Australia you would belief that all German and English people would fall up into the sky, and therefore disappear. People really believed these things, from father and mother to son and daughter and from teacher to pupil more than a thousand years long, because someone (who was not very intelligent) had told that many hundreds of years ago. People just did not think about how the law of gravity works! Only very few people who could think for themselves and came to more intelligent conclusions, but then nobody would listen to them. Because that thought of the earth being flat, even though it was completely wrong, had become so strong that it really needed a hero to oppose it, no matter the fact that such heroes spoke the truth and all the other millions of people were wrong. Some of them were burned alive by the authorities, just because of their deeper insight. In our time there are also many false thoughts which everyone – or almost everyone beliefs, perhaps including you. So please, think for yourself and use your own intelligence !

Of course there are millions of good thoughts that would really bring wisdom and happiness and good things if they would really happen. And, as just explained, because everything runs in circles, the thought will come back to you also. If it was a good thought, that thought will bring goodness to may people and other creatures (even if you have never told the thought to anyone), and then to you also. Then when you think that thought again, it becomes stronger, and does more good work, first for others and then for you. Maybe soon, but often in your next life, and surely also after you have died and before you are born again.

Of course the same is true for bad thoughts, false ideas, evil thoughts, thought of anger, hatred, jalousie and so on and so on. They become living beings doing much harm to other creatures, perhaps because that same bad thought may suddenly occur in someone else’s mind also. And then it becomes back to you also and causes you most harm of all. If many people in one group or one country think the same evil thought, even though not ever one acts according to that evil thought, everyone in that group or country is together responsible, and such people will together get the painful effect later, perhaps much later. Maybe in the form of a war, or some great disaster. If such an evil thought returns to your body or to your feelings you may suddenly suffer pain, or become sick, or become very depressive while at that moment you don’t understand why that happens. All pains and diseases and all other unpleasant things that happen in your life, other then those which and the direct result of wrong eating or drinking habits or smoking and so on, have once been born in your mind. Therefore never allow yourself a bad thought. Of course almost nobody is good enough to never think a bad thought, to never be angry inside, of jealous or selfish or proud. That is why nobody is always healthy and happy. I have never in my life met any human being who has never had a problem or an unpleasant thing happen to him or her. (Have you?) But of course also the good thoughts come back to us and they help us very much. That is why most people are partly happy and healthy most of their time, but not always.

Thoughts are invisible living beings. So even when you think them when nobody else knows, when you never tell these thoughts to anyone, they are as least as powerful as when you tell them to someone. So by taking care of your own mind and the thoughts it thinks, you can become a great helper of other beings – even if they don’t know it – and then these thoughts help you also.


(Adi decides to become a man)

Perhaps you can now understand Adi’s difficulty. How to give them a free mind and a free will, free adventure, free curiosity, and at the same time protect all these creatures from doing evil and cause suffering to each other and themselves.


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